Fall accidents can be devastating for seniors, resulting in broken bones and other serious injuries. It is estimated that hip fractures from falls make up a third of all fall injuries in seniors and result in many hospitalizations each year.

The happy news is there are numerous ways you can help your elderly loved ones stay safe at home and prevent falls. The hospital fall prevention products from websites such as https://www.safetyandmobility.com.au/shop/category/products-fall-prevention help keep seniors safe at home and can be purchased online. Here are some of the top choices.

1. A Walking Cane Helps Improve Balance

A walking cane can be a valuable tool for improving balance and coordination by giving your loved ones added stability on their feet, especially when they’re getting around outside or navigating stairs. Using a cane with the opposite arm of the leg that is moving can increase stability even more.

2. Grab Bars Can Help Reduce Injury from a Fall

Grab bars are helpful at home for seniors who have a hard time getting up from a fall because they can’t get any leverage to stand back up again. They’re also helpful in the bathroom, where wet surfaces may be slippery and dangerous if your loved ones need help standing back up.

3. Bed Alarms Can Help Prevent Falls Out of Bed

Bed alarms are helpful in the hospital when seniors need help staying in bed. And while most home care agencies will not come to your loved ones’ house with activated bed alarms (because they would be wired to the side of the bed), they can be purchased for use at home.

Bed alarms are helpful both at home and in the hospital for seniors who tend to get up when they shouldn’t, especially when placed under the fitted sheet just above where your loved one’s feet will be placed. If they move too much in their sleep, the sensor pad will become unplugged, and an alarm will sound to alert your loved one that they’re out of bed.

4. A Chair Alarm Can Warn Anyone if They Don’t Wake Up

Chair alarms can benefit those who tend to fall asleep in their chair because the alarm will sound if they don’t wake up within a specific time frame. The loud noise can help prevent your loved one from sleeping through an emergency such as a fire, resulting in injuries.

5. Crash Mats Can Help Reduce Injury from a Fall

Crash mats have thick padding to help prevent injury from falls in the bathroom, especially when your loved ones are getting into or out of the bathtub. The extra cushioning also provides comfort at home for seniors who may spend extended periods sitting on hard surfaces because it helps reduce pressure points and other discomforts.

6. Bed Monitors Can Alert You or a Caregiver if Your Loved Ones are Trying to Get Out Of Bed

Bed monitors work by placing a sensor pad under a fitted sheet, which can detect your loved ones trying to get out of bed. The monitor will set off an alarm if it senses your loved one attempting to get up because they may be trying to get to the bathroom. It is a useful tool for seniors who have difficulty staying in bed and may attempt to get up at night, resulting in falls if they don’t make it.

7. A Floor Mat is Helpful at Home and in the Hospital

A floor mat can be helpful for your loved ones in the hospital and at home for keeping their feet from slipping on wet surfaces. A slip-resistant floor mat can prevent a fall if they’re walking around the house and you don’t have a chair alarm activated.

The hospital fall prevention products, especially home use, help keep seniors safe. These items are available online to purchase.