Trade shows allow your business to build relationships with possible customers or clients that you can cultivate over time. However, it would help if you drew attendees in with on-brand visuals to maximize their potential.

Visual Appeal

A visually appealing booth design such as companies like offers can stand out to attendees in a sea of competitors. Bright colors and unique architecture will catch their attention and spark curiosity.

Visuals are also a great way to convey your brand’s story and values. Millennials especially want to understand a company’s larger purpose and are likelier to engage with brands that make social responsibility an integral part of their messaging.

Moreover, studies have shown that people can form reliable impressions about the visual attractiveness of websites in just a fraction of a second. Therefore, creating a consistent and coherent visual experience for your attendees is important.


The best way to convert trade show leads is through effective post-trade-show follow-up. This can be emailed to the contact with a personalized service quote, a meeting invite, or a product spec sheet. Using the information from your buyer personas, you can create specific content for each kind of lead to maximize engagement and conversion.

Develop a system to collect contact information in your booth to help your team qualify and prioritize leads after the show. For example, a mobile app can send text messages or push notifications to attendees’ smartphones within a predetermined virtual boundary. This lets you know which people are interested in your business and allows booth staff to approach them more quickly. This also provides valuable data that can be analyzed and used for future shows. To choose the best trade shows for their business, managers must evaluate each potential event to see how well it satisfies lead-generating and prospecting objectives, image-building, and morale-boosting among employees and account servicing. With the right strategy and a stellar display, companies can engage with their audience in ways that cannot be replicated online.


Trade shows are about more than catching the attention of attendees – they are also about meeting potential new clients, developing relationships within an industry, and scouting out competitors. Attractive trade show displays are a great way to accomplish these goals.

Don’t just give out fliers and handouts; host activities encouraging engagement, like games, competitions, product demonstrations, or sampling. This will give visitors a sense of fun that they can associate with your brand and increase the likelihood of converting them into leads.

Invest in a hanging sign instead of spending money on an ugly booth occupying a significant space in the exhibit hall. These displays are similar in appearance to those found on, and it’s more affordable while still being just as eye-catching. Additionally, they can serve as valuable marketing tools long after the trade show has ended.


Incorporating touch screens can allow visitors to guide their experience at your booth and let leads self-qualify for your salespeople. Touchscreen kiosks can display catalogs, virtual tours, company videos, and portfolios or be used for games, giveaways, or contests.

Trade show attendees want fun, too. A little entertainment goes a long way to drawing people over from across the room and converting them into leads. Adding buzz-worthy activities, games, and display technology that align with your goals can make all the difference.

Consider offering consumables, such as beverages and snacks, in exchange for contact information or social media mentions. This will increase engagement, help you capture leads, and boost your brand recognition. You can also use social media to promote your presence before the event to create anticipation among your audience.