We are truly a sum of all our life experiences and decisions. All our experiences leave some residue in our subconscious called emotional baggage. Emotional baggage is stored-up emotional feelings about our pasts. Emotional baggage can be a good thing because it can help us analyze new experiences and see destructive patterns before they manifest. The problem arises when our emotional baggage gets too heavy and starts bogging us down. Everyone has different experiences and different amounts of emotional baggage and there are several ways emotional baggage could keep you stuck.

How Emotional Baggage Is Keeping You Stuck

Emotional baggage does not let you experience new things authentically. When someone has too much emotional baggage, they see and experience things through the lens of their past experiences. Because of this, the new experience gets muddled and mixed in with older baggage and it, therefore, cannot be experienced or enjoyed as is. Its authenticity and novelty are gone because the person carrying the emotional baggage feels like they already had that experience before.

Emotional baggage can stop you from taking care of yourself. Studies have shown that people with too much emotional baggage are not motivated to take care of their health compared to people who have learned how to cope with their baggage. Emotional baggage removes the incentives of making proper lifestyle choices like eating healthily, exercising more or even stopping the use of drugs. Emotional baggage keeps you stuck in old habits. These habits can contribute to emotional baggage.

Emotional baggage can also interfere with your ambitions and goals, contentment, relationships and the general enjoyment of life. For people with too much emotional baggage, all these things take a back seat to them feeling sorry about themselves. Being stuck in this way can make one feel like a victim and add to the emotional baggage you are already carrying around.

Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage

The first step is identifying what is inside your “baggage” and why it is there. Once you do so, you can deal with it. Start by working on getting mental clarity. A session of quantum healing, for example, is a very good place to start. How it works is by reactivating your body to help it heal itself. Through quantum healing, you get the mental clarity you need to identify every issue you need to deal with. This gives you the emotional and physical tools you need to find solutions.

Paying attention to what is not working in your life and asking yourself why it is not is another great way to identify what is making your baggage heavy. Some areas to look at are your relationships, debt, health issues or dead-end jobs. Examining each of these areas will tell you if they are causing frustration and, therefore, contributing to your baggage.

Once you have the clarity of mind to identify where your baggage is coming from and areas where you are frustrated in your life, allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with all of them and then find a way to move on. A good way of moving on is forgiving yourself and being at peace with your inner self.

Lastly, give it time. Identifying and dealing with emotional baggage is a long process. There are no quick fixes. Take the time to find yourself again and give yourself enough love so that you do not feel like you are letting yourself down if you do not see the result you need immediately.


Emotional baggage can keep you stuck. Although it might take a lot of work to deal with everything that might be contributing to your baggage, it will be worth it because a full, meaningful, wholesome life awaits you at the end of the process.