Best Version Media is a company which creates and publishes magazines for small towns and communities, niche industries and subdivisions, it is a global company which has gained rave reviews and a great reputation for the way that it rerate its staff. Many companies have looked to copy this model in creating a vibrant and positive culture within the work place which can greatly help the staff to better enjoy their jobs, and create a much higher level of performance. We caught up with some staff from
Best Version Media to find out how this culture within the company made them feel within their jobs.


Best Version Media ensure that their staff always feel valued because of the way that they treat them and the respect that they are given. The employees tell us that they are always asking for the team to contribute to new ideas and innovations and they are always prepared to listen. They have managed to create an environment within the company where everyone feels comfortable coming forward with new ideas and the motto is that no idea is a bad idea.

Rewarding the Staff

The management team at Best Version Media are very strong and they are not afraid to hand out discipline when it is necessary. Whilst the team may be firm, they are also very fair and very fun and they celebrate achievement and hard work all of the time. Many companies promise rewards for hard work yet they often run something of a bait and switch on this and renege when the time comes to pay up. Working at BVM however is a great experience where we are always rewarded for hard work and great results. The HR team here do a fantastic job of thinking up creative ways to celebrate which bring the team together for some fun rewards.

Give and Take

Many companies that these employees have worked for in the past have been greatly disappointed by their management teams who ask for the world yet aren’t prepared to offer anything in return. One of the young men we spoke to told us how in his old job people were scared to ask for a late start, some time off or vacations, because they were treated so badly when they did. At Best Version Media however this is not the case at all and they are incredibly flexible with your personal time. The reason for this is because they also expect you to step up when there is a heavy workload or stay back late to get something finished. Because of the way that the staff are treated, the workers are more than happy to step up for the team, as they know that they will get favors back in return.

If you have a workforce then why not try to be more like Best Version Media and create a culture in the workplace which your staff can enjoy?