Home working is on the rise, and whether you work in a hybrid office job or are an entrepreneur running your own business, having a suitable work area is key. We look at the importance of having a designated workspace at home and how to create a space that suits your individual needs.

There are many benefits to working from home rather than traveling to alternate locations such as an office. Firstly, you can avoid a time-consuming commute, and therefore spend more time with your family and completing outside-of-work activities. 

There is also the opportunity to personalize your workplace to suit your needs and individual preferences. Perhaps you like to take calls without headphones or like to work with background music to keep you entertained, working from home allows this flexibility.

However, failing to set up a designated space for your work can lead to poor organization and difficulties separating your work and home lives. It can also mean you are more easily distracted by your environment, for example if there’s clutter that needs tidying or dishes left in the sink.

Creating a workspace doesn’t have to be a difficult task, you can work with the physical space and budget you have available to you. 

Creating a workspace

If you are running a full business from your home your workspace needs are likely to be more complex than a desk-based remote worker. One thing to consider (if applicable to your business) is where to store your stock.

Finding the right storage solution

There may not be room inside the house and if so one solution could be an outbuilding or shipping container in your outside space. Shipping containers are a durable option if you have the space and can be renovated with container cover roofs for added space and practicality.

When you are just starting out, your garage or a weatherproof shed may provide you with enough storage space until you can find a more permanent solution that doesn’t impede on your family’s home space.

Whatever option you pick, think about the long-term and how your storage needs might grow as your business develops. 

Your at-home desk set-up

Whether you work from your computer the entire day or only use it for administrative tasks, having the right desk set up is important for your comfort and organization. Think about where the most suitable location for a desk is, you may be lucky enough to have a spare room to use as an office or you may need to get creative with dividers and section off an area in your sitting room or dining area. If you take a lot of Zoom calls with your camera on, be conscious about what is in your background space to ensure it is suitable for a professional setting. 

When sitting for long periods, it is important you have an ergonomic and comfortable chair. It is worth investing in a desk chair rather than repurposing a dining chair or armchair as it needs to be the right height for your desk.

Your desk should have room for a laptop as a minimum, but you might want a larger desk that fits a monitor and keyboard. Look for a desk with added storage space and drawers so you can file away your paperwork and avoid looking at it during your non-working hours.

If working at home means you are less active, you could continue investing in a standing desk and even an under-desk treadmill. This will allow you to squeeze in exercise time while you work and help keep you feeling active and energized throughout the day.

Lastly, depending on the nature of your work, you might want to add some security features to protect your expensive office equipment. This could include security cameras, extra locks or a safe to store work gadgets and confidential files.