Different events might be organized in different venues. However, not all venues have enough equipment and decorations to be suitable for a specific event. In particular, we mean that not all stages have ordinary backdrops that cover the space behind the performer. If you want to ensure an elegant setting, you cannot just show performance in front of a bare wall. So, consider how to make a backdrop for the stage:

  1. Determine the size of your backdrop: Measure the width and height of the area where you want to hang the backdrop. This will give you an idea of how much material you need.
  2. Choose your materials: Select a fabric that will complement the theme of your event. Muslin, canvas, and polyester are common choices because they are durable and easy to work with.
  3. Cut the fabric to size: Using your measurements, cut the fabric to the appropriate size. Make sure to leave extra material on each side for hemming.
  4. Hem the edges: Fold the edges of the fabric over twice and sew them in place to prevent fraying.
  5. Add grommets: Place grommets along the top edge of the backdrop to make it easier to hang. Use a grommet kit to attach the grommets securely.
  6. Hang the backdrop: Using a sturdy support system, such as a pipe and drape setup or a backdrop stand, hang the backdrop behind your stage.

Isn’t this too much for an event organizer without proper installation experience? Besides, if you fail to perform all the steps correctly, you might spoil the entire staging. We also guess so, that’s why we suggest that you should better consider stage backdrop rental.

The best choice is to rent a backdrop for the stage

A stage backdrop rental is a popular service provided by many companies in New York. These suppliers deliver their backdrops all over the state because this is much more convenient for event organizers and hosts – they don’t have to deal with everything on their own. What they should do is measure the frames for the stage backdrop, examine the supplier’s assortment, choose what they like most, and just place an order. This is much simpler than the above-mentioned guide.

If you want to benefit from stage backdrop rental services, consider getting in touch with AudioVideoNYC. This is a local supplier of different equipment for the event. Except for backdrops, it can also provide extra inventory, such as draperies and pipes, trusses, audio and video equipment, and so on. What’s more, you can even rent a portable stage from the company. Learn more from the website and choose the services you need most for your performance.