Taking the time to prepare your home for interior painting services properly can make a big difference. It can help your painters work quickly and efficiently and safeguard your belongings.

It can also save you money. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare your home for a professional painting job.

Remove All Electronics

Professional interior painting services want to alter your daily routine minimally, but some items, like electronics and furniture, cannot be moved. Taking the time to remove or cover these items protects them from paint splatters and makes it easier for the painting crew to work in your space.

Also, removing or storing items like wall hangings, decorative ornaments, and knick-knacks reduces the risk of their damage during the painting process. This allows the painting team to work easily and ensures they can access all areas that need painting.

Finally, if you have a wall-mounted TV, it is best to unplug it and remove it from the wall before the painting crew arrives. This will allow them to work around the TV and avoid having to cut through wires.

Remove All Furniture

Painting your home can be messy, so you want to move furniture away from the walls before your professional painters arrive. This will ensure that your belongings don’t get in the way of their work and help them complete their job quickly and efficiently. Removing wall hangings such as paintings, clocks, and other decorations is also a good idea. These can be stored in a safe place while your painter works or can be put back up after the painting is done.

If you can’t remove your furniture, ensure it is covered with a plastic sheet or cloth to prevent any potential damage from paint drips. This is especially important if you have small children or pets.

Remove All Soft Furnishings

A thorough interior painting job requires a clean space. This is why it’s important to remove all soft furnishings, like rugs and mats, from the area that will be painted. This will reduce the risk of tarnishing your belongings with paint and other chemicals.

It’s also a good idea to remove all wall decorations and ornaments. This will give the painters more room to work and prevent them from accidentally breaking any items hanging on the walls.

If you can’t completely move furniture from the room that will be painted, then at least move it away from the walls and cover it with a blanket or sheet. This will protect it from any stray drips of paint that may be sprayed around the room.

Remove All Window Treatments

Removing all draperies and blinds from the home before painting is a good idea. These items collect dust and lint and can be difficult to clean. Additionally, paint drips can easily stain rugs and mats. Storing any fabric items in a basement or closet is a good idea.

Taking down mirrors, wall art, and other hanging decorations also makes sense. It will be much easier for professional house painters to do the job properly if these items are removed from the walls.

It is a good idea to remove any electrical wall plates as well. It will make it easier for the painter to do a great job and prevent accidental short-circuiting. The walls should also be cleaned before the painters arrive.

Clean the Walls

Most people don’t think they need to wash their walls before painting, but this step should not be overlooked. This step can remove stains and dirt and ensure the paint sticks well to the wall once applied. You can use a mixture of warm water and a sponge. A mild soap solution or a plant-based cleaner may be necessary for tougher stains.

It is a good idea to remove all pictures and decorations from the walls that are to be painted. This makes the job faster for the painters and protects the items from accidental splatters of paint. Rugs and mats should also be removed as they can get stained by dripping paint.