College essays play an important role in telling the admissions officers more about you, the applicant. Thousands of students send college essays yearly, so if you want to be noticed, you must make an impression. It may be difficult to write such college papers if you have no experience. Here are a few secrets of writing an unforgettable college essay:

1. Start With Research

You need firsthand information about the school before writing an essay. If possible, take a short trip to the school and gather the information that you will add in the essay. That gives it a more personal touch, making it not just a formal essay with a general feeling. Take a note with you as you tour the buildings. In the absence of a physical trip, you can take a virtual trip and go online for more information.

All the notes you have jotted down will help you to brainstorm essay topics. After picking the best ideas, create an outline. This outline will help you to group the ideas in a logical structure. 

2. Write About Your Passion 

One way to reach your reader’s heart is to write about something you love. It could be about a person, an experience, a book, or anything else that you love. Don’t just write it, reflect on that experience. Don’t just recall the events, give them life by describing what you have learned from that experience. Talk about how this experience has touched your life or given you a new perspective.

3. Employ A Storytelling Approach

There are so many applicants vying for a spot in the school, so you need to use a completely different approach to stand out among your peers. The storytelling narrative may just work. As you write the essay, visualize a conversation with one of your favorite teachers. That will make it look less formal and also give it a special touch. 

You don’t need to be funny in the essay. However, if you do succeed, you could stand a real chance. But that is risky. People have different understandings of what is funny and what is not. You wouldn’t want to appear rude or uncultured in your essay. It is better to cut the jokes. 

4. Write Different Drafts

Prepare separate drafts and keep them for a few days. Read the essay and try to envision how the admissions officers would see the essay. Is it interesting to read? Is the sequence of ideas logical? Does it tell you something about the applicant? Does the applicant’s voice shine through the essay? 

5. Don’t Contradict And Repeat

You have to be careful to ensure that your ideas do not contradict one another. Read it over to prevent repeats as well. You don’t need to list your awards in the essay. Answer any questions and don’t repeat your answer in other applications. It is better to be unique each time. 

Edit Your Work

After editing your work, give it to someone else to go over it. A college counselor or teacher would be perfect for this. After their checks, ensure that you read it over again and again. Also, check your essay for spelling and grammatical errors.