Around the world, for many years, big businesses and industry have been quite literally tearing down our trees. There are a number of reasons why they have been doing this, be it for paper and textiles, for palm oil, for crop planting or for many more reasons. Now for many years we may not have quite understood the harm which we were doing to our planet but for at least the last 50 years it has been very clear that in the razing of our forests, we have been causing great damage to the world and its eco-system.

The reason why reforestation projects exist is because of the number of trees which have been felled and there are many incredible charities and organizations which are seeking to replant those trees and try to bring our forests back to where they once were. So how can you support these projects? Here are some ideas.

Stop Eating Meat

Believe it or not we are losing thousands of acres of rainforest each year so that crops can be planted. Those crops however are not for us, they are for the animals which are ‘cared’ for before they are slaughtered in order to supply the great demand for animal goods. In an effort to reduce the impact which we have on this, we can either stop or greatly minimize the amount of meat which we eat. If you don’t chose to stop eating meat then at the very least try to minimize the quantity you eat and when you do buy it, do so from a local producer rather than from a factory farm.

Donate to Charity

If this is an issue which is close to your heart then looking to donate to a charity will always be a smart thing to do, and your money can greatly help them in their efforts. There are some astonishing men and women out there fighting the good fight, looking to take over razed areas of the forest and once again bring them back to life. Unfortunately those with a vested interest like to squash such efforts bring in high powered lawyers, and many charities require money to pay for legal challenges as well as the good work which they are doing. With your money you can greatly support them in their efforts.

Spreading The Word

It is essential that anyone who genuinely does care about this is active when it comes to spreading the word about the projects which are taking place. So many people fail to recognize the vast amount of damage which is being done, or the impact which this is going to have on the planet. Our rainforests are the lungs of the world, they breathe in carbon monoxide and emit oxygen, without them the world is a much more dangerous place. There are some fantastic efforts being made and whilst you can support with your money and your behaviors, spreading the word will ensure that others can get on board too.