Social media plays a part in most people’s lives today and a continually growing number of businesses are using social media as an integral part of their marketing.  If currently your business isn’t tapping into this vital medium there are many reasons why it should be.

To provide better customer service

For many potential customers social media is a go to place for them to check if they have either pre-sales or support related questions.  Being visible on social media networks lets your customers know that you are regularly monitoring for brand mentions and customer questions.  This makes your business look professional and shows your customers they are valued.  It is also a fantastic way of positively influencing sales.

To keep your business or brand in the mind of your customers

Social media allows you to improve brand awareness and also helps you to build and develop your brand’s identity.  In addition to this you can establish your brand’s personality effectively and give it a human voice that many can relate to.  By doing this you have the potential to help your brand stand out from those of your competitors.  Your presence on social media is the perfect way to keep your business or brand in the mind of your customers.  You can influence purchasing decisions, foster customer loyalty and encourage your customers to make repeat purchases.

To help manage your reputation

Social media gives you a fast and effective way to manage your reputation online, which is a crucial part of all marketing strategy.  If complaints can be dealt with sensitively and swiftly via social media it clearly demonstrates high levels of customer service and can resolve customer issues, while at the same time boosting customer confidence in your business or brand.

To give an insight into customer wants and needs

Some fashion businesses or companies have been able to successfully use social media to canvass their customers and to let their customers choose which of their designs will progress from sample to retail.  Designers can put examples of their designs via social media and customers can identify the items they like best.  An option for customers to discuss design issues or changes with a designer is also possible by social media tools.  This method means that fashion designers can be more confident of launching a successful clothing brand because of getting and analysing positive input from customers.  This model can be used in businesses other than fashion

To use social media’s ability to drive website traffic

Having an active presence on social media will help increase the amount of traffic on your website.  Successful social media patterns will enhance the amount of traffic referrals to your website and this will play a crucial role in future sales.  Positive signals are received when your business or brand are talked about or mentioned on social media and this improves your reputation.

If your business or brand are not yet taking advantage of the potential offered by being part of social media, act soon or you could be missing out.