It’s not uncommon for the average smartphone user to have a couple of photo and video editing apps. Some of them have unique features, while others enhance what the phone’s built-in camera and a social media platforms native features already contain.

Apps that feature both unique options while being a powerful editing tool that creates captivating images for social? The number drops to only a handful.

This is how Instasize shines ahead of the pack of editing apps available to Apple and Android users. While it offers standard features you expect, it also has special features that make it a one-stop app for all your photo and video editing needs. No need for separate tools to make a collage, retouch photos, or add texts and borders. Everything you need—and more—is in one convenient, lightweight app!

Retouching and Editing Basics

When it comes to retouching photos, less is more and Instasize takes this to heart with features that get the job done— without overdoing it. You can airbrush blemishes, whiten teeth and remove imperfections in a few quick taps. The final image is still realistic and natural, but elevated and enhanced.

You can also adjust photo settings inside the app, allowing for users to play around with levels like Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Saturation, Tint, Warmth, Shadows, and Highlights. You can even add Grain and Vignettes for a more dramatic effect. The straightforward sliders allow for very intuitive editing.

Tailoring media to a specific social media platform is also a few taps away with the Instasize crop feature. You can just choose the aspect ratio you want your image to be, choose which portion of your original photo you want to keep in your image and tap the check box. Voila! A photo is perfectly cropped for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Unique Add-ons

Instasize features a large library of filters. You can find a filter for whichever aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve. You can even organize your filters to highlight ones you use often and hide those you don’t use at all. You can subscribe to the platform and gain access to its complete roster of filters as well as other exclusive tools.

It’s a boon for creative content creators as Instasize also allows for free editing of an image. Just tap the photo to move it around, changing its placement or rotating it, giving one more space to add elements like text with more font and style freedom than Instagram Stories and other editing apps, or add one of Instasize’s patterned borders and backgrounds. You can even use any photo existing in your phone’s gallery as background for your image.

Powerful Instagram Companion

With daily Instagram users rising to half a billion, the social media platform has become an invaluable place to grow an audience, and even the most casual users seemed to have stepped up their Instagram game, adapting Instagram Stories to their daily social media use and thinking big picture when it comes to Instagram feeds.

Instasize has a moveable grid feature that has made it possible for users to not only see how photos would look like as part of their Instagram feed, but edit each individual photo right inside Instasize to ensure a cohesive look.

Users can also crop photos and videos to their best sizes and resolution for both Instagram and Instagram Stories. Sharing to the app is as quick and seamless as editing an image straight on Instagram itself. Just tap the share button and Instagram is one of the first options.

Instasize proves itself a must-have addition to any smartphone with its intuitive user experience and robust features built not just for Instagram, but for all leading social media platforms.