The widespread technology of Java is highly appreciated for being truly versatile: it can be helpful for any company

and can be used on any device. We can meet even the most complicated challenge with the expertise of our

specialists who will find the best solution for your business and create a Java application for more simple, innovative

and efficient work of your team.

Java as a global standard tool of a developer

The programming language of Java does not require to be compiled or interpreted, it’s friendly to any processor and

any operating system. Through Java developers can make software on one platform and launch it on any other

platform, they can make programs, applications, services for numerous kinds of devices and equipment.

Without exaggeration, Java is No.1 tool for developers all over the world. It is used on office PC, smartphones, Blue-

ray disc players and TV-devices. Currently, this technology does not have strong competitors, as well as Java


Java technologies and frameworks

Java frameworks have proved to be reliable, long-lasting and very supportive for web and app development. To

choose the best framework for your purpose, you need to analyze the expectations related to your project – both

current and those that may occur in the future. Some frameworks are ideal for making lightweight web applications,

others are more appropriate for complex ones required by big enterprises. The analytical work in this matter is quite

important for a worthy product, so do not hesitate to rely on our professionals – they will pick the framework for

your company that requires less code and allows to create an app which is easy to manage.

Among the most popular frameworks based on Java are:

– Spring framework;

– Grails;

– Blade;

– Google Web Toolkit;

– JavaServer Faces;

– Struts;

– Hibernate;

– Vaadin;

– Wicket;

– Vert.X and many others.

The innovative products of Oracle Java Embedded are developed and upgraded to meet the unique requirements of

integrated devices, they are helpful for creation of intelligent systems for M2M and Internet of Things environment

that make your devices even smarter.

Java Standard Edition is widely used for making secure, mobile and highly-efficient apps for a wide range of

computing platforms.

Java Enterprise Edition is great for the corporate Java computing environment. It’s a tool for new opportunities,

impressive functionality and art in business.

Over 3 billion devices work on Java!

This technology is chosen by the biggest corporations – banks, insurance companies, retail chains. For example,

Google+ is written on Java. It’s also the choice of e-commerce and web applications, trading applications like LMAX,

Android applications, desktop applications like Eclipse – especially in the U.S. and Europe. Besides, Java is always with

you – in your bank card.

Why Java?

Java is the best choice for your business if you seek a simple, object-oriented, platform-independent, secure, robust,

easy to learn and design, multithreaded technology proven by time. You can handle thousands of tasks on a

simultaneous basis. Once you begin using Java as a routine, you simply cannot do without it anymore.