High Street

It is no secret that the high street is in dire need of new ideas and new approaches as the internet has become the number one place for consumers to both find and purchase their products and services. This has caused a great number of high street stores to close and that includes both independent businesses and large chains. Despite the threats which exist for high street stores, Jeff Mohlman, chairman of Questar believes that there is still a future for the high street and he has been working with some businesses here in Dayton, Ohio, to help them find a new future for themselves. Mohlman began his campaign last May and he believes that the death of the high street is not yet upon us and here are his suggestions for survival.


High street shoppers have decreased, and this is a fact for almost every business that exists on the high street. Mohlman believes that in order to supplement falling sales businesses should look to operate both on the high street and online, and he actually believes this could be more beneficial than purely sales. If you are selling online, you can recoup the losses of lower high street sales but the high street store can actually maintain brand image and awareness. The cost of selling online is minimal and this is why it makes so much sense to have a foot in both camps.

Working Online

Online sales are not the only tonic for high street businesses and Mohlman also believes that more high street stores should invest some capital into a smart SEO strategy. Figures suggest that consumers are not only using the internet to buy their products and services, but they are also using the internet to find stores near them in order to go and buy such goods. Because users are utilizing search engines to target where they will purchase, companies must invest in SEO so that when they are searching for a product which high street store sells, it will be their store that they find when they reach out for the search engine.


Over the years Mohlman believes that the high street became lazy in the way that they presented products and that they became so focused on marketing and service, that they forgot about quality, always seeking a cheaper and more convenient product to sell. With that being said we have seen that the high street stores which are thriving, especially here in Dayton, Ohio, are those that offer high quality goods which customers know that they can rely on. When purchasing online for example there are no guarantees of quality but when a customer can hold a product prior to buying, they know exactly what they are getting. If you have a shoe store for example then ditch the budget footwear and instead focus on higher quality goods, this way you can build a reputation around it and maintain customer confidence.

There are no securities at all in the high street but with some smart planning and the right approach, you can still thrive.