Family life has changed in the modern age. With the ever-present distractions of phones, TV, games consoles, and computers, along with the all too easily available sugary snacks and drinks, being a healthy and active family is more difficult than ever. As a busy mom, it can be difficult to prioritize healthy eating and exercise, simply because there are so many essential tasks that make up your day. Money is also a concern, as sports and quality food often cost vital cash reserves that are needed elsewhere. However, with some forward thinking and a little preparation, you can achieve a much better healthy life balance, and all without spending a fortune. Here’s how

Keeping Dad active

Men can be very obtuse when it comes to their health. Not only are they more likely than women to ignore any growing symptoms, they are also far less likely to visit their doctor. As a mom, your first task to give your family a health boost is by encouraging dad to go visit his doctor. Some tests need to be done on a regular basis, and everyone knows how bad men are when it comes to booking an appointment. Your next step is to get dad active, and you need to ensure that he knows how many potential health threats are prevented with even the lightest of regular exercise. Go with him to the park for a run, or even sign up together and join your local gym.

The kids

It doesn’t matter how old they or what their health levels are like now, it’s time to kick their healthy habits into gear. One of the most important factors for your children’s health is sleep. Even the unruliest of children isn’t going to complain too much if sleeping is their newest exercise regime! Sleep helps your children to grow, so never underestimate its importance. Obviously food is the main factor if you’re looking to give your family health a positive burst, and you are going to have to accept that you’re never going to have 100% control over what they eat. Don’t just stock up on healthy food either. Makes sure that you let them know just what the food is, how it’s good for them, and minimize their access to snacks and sugars. Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to meal-planning, and you’ll notice the differences very quickly.

Furry family members

If you have pets in the home, then you’re going to need to keep an eye on their health as well. This largely comes down to exercise and buying the right foods. However, you also need to stay alert to potential risks in the same way that you do every member of your family. Make sure that your cat doesn’t eat anything that will cause it harm, and check that your dog isn’t exposing itself to problems like Giardia by drinking from contaminated water when you’re out and about. Of course, should the worst happen and your pet does fall ill, then make sure that you get the right treatment as soon as you see something like giardia symptoms.

Making life changes is challenging, but there are no downsides to improving the health and fitness of every member of your family. Making the decision to lead a healthier life pays off in terms of family closeness and your future health. Developing good habits now will always pay off in the long run.