A trade show give you and your business a great opportunity to show off your wares to the wider world. The beauty of a trade show is that the people who are there, are actively on the lookout for products and services, and so your only job is to convince them that yours are the best. In order for you to find success when it comes to your trade show, there are some basic requirements which you need to get right. If you are able to perform well at a show, you could see a large increase in customers from both consumers, and from other businesses. Let’s have a look at how you can get this event just right.

Trade Show Display

Your trade show display is your shop window, it is what should wow people and ultimately what should bring them through the doors. If money is tight within the business, this is not an excuse for a poor looking display and you will need to get creative in order to make it the best that it can be. If you are able to invest some money, I recommend that you go to ExpoMarketing and buy yourself a custom-made display, otherwise you could find a led screen rental for your exhibit in Lauderdale. Having a display tailored to your company, will go a long way in securing more people looking at your exhibition, and ultimately more sales.

Demonstrating Products

When it comes to demonstrating products, the brief is simple, make sure that they work. Just picture the scene, your trade show display is filled with people, you have delivered information about your product and now is the time to show everyone what it can do. If at this point your product fails, you are going to have a small crowd of disgruntled potential clients, who have completely lost the confidence in your business, that you worked so hard to build. Try and test your products rigorously, and take a back up demonstration model just in case.


Trade shows are not only about marketing your brand and your company, they are also about selling your products and services, in order to do so, you will need your strongest team members on board. Before the trade show, have a think about who within your team is the best salesperson, and make sure that they are by your side for the duration of the trade show.


The key to a great trade show is that you create some real buzz around your exhibit and your products. In order to do this you will need to get creative and find ways in which you can grab people’s attention, in a heavily competitive trade show. You could use music, interesting exhibits, great free gifts or even games, in order to get people interested, and create some real razzmatazz around both your business, and your products.

Get these keys right, and you can count on trade show success, increased leads and most importantly, more sales for your company.