There is practically no way to deny the fact that Lindsey Manufacturing managed to create an impressive emergency restoration system (ERS for short) that is capable of bypassing electrical power lines in practically any possible setting. However, using such a system without the knowledge needed is definitely not a good idea. Lindsey Manufacturing Company knows this so they created a wonderful training program that works perfectly with patented ERS software.

Lindsey Training

The best training for people involved in the industry happens on-site. This is exactly what Lindsey training modules and programs offer. They are led by highly experienced ERS engineers that have really deep application knowledge. Through the training program it is so easy to learn about:

ERS system anchoring, erection and design.

How to use the ProSpot ERS software (more on that below).

The anchors and construction tools that the crews are going to use.

The construction methods that are the best based on available terrain together with learning about exact systems like helicopter, crane or hand.

ERS engineers are capable of training clients at a pre-set central facility or right in the field, where the job is going to be carried out. The equipment comes from the client but the knowledge needed to use everything comes from the specialists.

Advantages Of Using ProSpot

If an emergency happens there is no time to allow wastes as you have to deal with highly complex software. Lindsey’s proprietary ERS software, ProSpot was created to help deal with ERS towers design and fast configuration. This can be done inside an office or even in the field.

The advantages of using this:

Output is Fail Safe. This means that when the selected design parameters do not lead to a structure that is stable, results are simply not generated. You do not have to deal with interpreting a lot of data. ProSpot practically allows you to be 100% sure that the system you see can actually be built and is completely safe.

Tower types can easily be selected without going through a highly complex set up. You can design any type of tower, even if it was not originally added to the ERS system purchase.

Design is faster since you do not need to input a lot of data.

There is no annual licensing fee you have to pay.

The plan that is generated is just one page long. Also, elevation views are included, together with all the vital loading parameters.

You can copy ProSpot without any problems across the entire organization. This means you are not forced to buy really expensive computer software for the casual user.

It needs to be noted that the Lindsey ERS system can be designed with the use of the conventional third-party commercial software like PLS-POLE or PLS CADD. You are not restricted to using ProSpot in the event that you choose the Lindsey ERS towers. When you have the software, just use it. However, do seriously consider ProSpot since it does speed up the entire planning process.