San Francisco is one of America’s great cities.  Not only is it a beautiful destination that boasts some of the most iconic sights anywhere in the world, it is also the cultural center of the west coast with more museums and art houses than anywhere else in the region.

The city also excels at diversity and has a higher average income than Los Angeles. People continue to flock here because of the opportunities in Silicon Valley which is based in the San Francisco suburbs.

There are other reasons why so many people want to live the San Francisco life. With numerous parks, a green culture, and a young and thriving population it is a city that constantly reinvents itself. Lest we forget there is another area where the city leads the pack and that is in restaurants. San Francisco is a foodie mecca with all styles of great cuisine at every price point. And since it’s always better to break bread with friends and family, consider making it a group crawl. Just get everyone aboard a private San Francisco tour bus or minibus rental, and enjoy the sites between stops.

Here are some of the best places to eat in the city.

Super Duper Burger

Starting out with a local burger joint in one of the best food cities in the world might seem odd, but it gives you a sense of the diverse great food choices. Super Duper Burger makes fantastic juicy burgers with two four-ounce patties and super sauce, a really tasty veggie burger, chicken sandwich, fries, and other sides for less than $10. And it’s quick, and has several locations. You can’t go wrong.

Chili House

San Francisco is known for its Chinese cuisine and there are several great restaurants in the city. In 1972, Chinese chef Tong Gang Wang was the Chinese chef who cooked for Richard Nixon in China Wang went on to write a successful Chinese cookbook. In 1997, he moved to the U.S. and became the chef at Chili House. The popular eatery is known for its Dim Sum, Beijing Banquet, hand-pulled noodles, Beijing pot stickers, and authentic Peking duck.


Mexican is another popular food choice in the city and you can never go wrong with Napalito. This is definitely a sit down type of restaurant, and their addictive totopos con chile, tasty tortilla soup and unforgettable carnitas make it the place to frequent. Come in and have a fantastic margarita and enjoy the music as well.


If you have a taste for Italian food while you are here try SPQR. Despite the high-end techniques used in each dish the taste is down home. Master chef Matt Accarrino makes handmade pasta, and offers foie gras, and his own line of caviar to liven things up. The wine list is superb but make a reservation or you might be turned away.

House of Prime Rib

If you love Prime Rib, the House of Prime Rib is calling you. For 30 years this Nob Hill classic has been serving the city’s best and shows no signed of slowing. With only one meat on the menu, your options are limited but   you can vary your sides to include mashed or loaded baked potatoes along with the salad, creamed spinach and Yorkshire pudding. Definitely the place to bring a crowd, full of fun and great drinks too.

Hot Sauce and Panko

For a great cheap eats destination, Hot Sauce and Panko is one of the city’s best. With only one thing on the menu over $10, you can have a large selection of tasty offerings to sample. Perhaps the best is the wings and waffle combo Pick your sauce and don’t shy away from the lime with caramelized fish sauce. It’s delicious.

From the highest end restaurants with long reservation lists to walk in burger joints with great takeaway food, San Francisco has every type of eatery for you to enjoy.