Are you not sure how to get started building your outdoor cafe?

This is why you need to have outdoor cafe seating at your restaurant. Your guests will not be confined to a limited space. They will feel free to talk, relax, and have a wholesome experience with their friends and family.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to complete your cafe experience.


Creating the right ambience lighting for outdoor cafe seating is essential to creating a comfortable and inviting environment. Natural lighting is ideal if possible as this will provide a gentle, calming atmosphere. Using warm white LED lighting is fantastic for creating a warm and inviting ambience.

The LED lights should be placed around the seating areas evenly and softly, to create a subtle and ambient lighting effect. Dimable outdoor wall lights can be placed higher up on walls, to create some downlighting and to highlight particular areas or features of the outdoor cafe seating’s architecture. 

Ambience Through Music

Ambience through music can be an extremely powerful tool in creating the right ambience for a cafe space, as the choice of music can really reflect the mood and setting that you are trying to achieve.

Choosing upbeat tunes with a light feel will create a sense of energy, with slower and calmer songs providing a more relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, using songs from different eras can strike a chord with a diverse range of customers, so that everyone can have an enjoyable time. 

Strategic Seating

One way to achieve this ambience is to place outdoor seating areas away from foot traffic and in quieter areas, as café-goers tend to appreciate being able to relax and enjoy their meal in quiet and comfort.

Additionally, having seating areas that offer some form of privacy can give diners a more personal, exclusive feel. Placing tables away from major walkways and in more discreet areas. This includes tucked away in the corner of the patio. This further enhances the cozy atmosphere. 

Natural Elements

Creating the right ambience for outdoor cafe seating using natural elements can be done with careful consideration for sight, sound, and touch. To start, plants, flowers, and trees should be incorporated into outdoor dining design to provide visual delight.

Water features such as small fountains and birdbaths can be used to add sound to the atmosphere. Reclaimed wood, rocks, and sand can be used to add tactile elements and a feeling of connectedness. 

Designing for Efficiency

It’s important to create the right ambience and make sure that all seating works together in a cohesive and practical way. To ensure the most efficient seating, think about how many people can fit in each seating area. Make sure to explore different cafe chairs, tables and benches.

Keep the style of the furniture consistent to give the space a cohesive look. Don’t forget to factor in the layout of the outdoor space. Think about the size and how each seating arrangement will work with the other elements in the space. 

Explore These Outdoor Cafe Seating Tips

Creating the right outdoor cafe seating atmosphere can help draw in customers, generate return visits, and produce a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor dining experience.

Appropriate seating can make a difference in whether or not a customer chooses your outdoor café. We hope you’ve learned more about outdoor cafe seating and how to create the right ambience for business success.

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