There are so many options for plastic surgery today. More and more people are considering plastic surgery as a solution to the aging process. But even among younger ones, they see plastic surgery as a way of improving any problem areas or areas they just aren’t happy with. Types of plastic surgery vary greatly, from breast augmentation and buttock lifts to tummy tucks or an extended deep plane facelift.

Sometimes surgery is necessary for reconstructive or health reasons but mostly, people have it to build their confidence and make them feel more comfortable in their own skin. For some, it may be a few wrinkles (crow’s feet anybody?) they want to get rid of but for others it may be that they want a change to their body shape entirely (no more sagging bum, wobbly thighs, small breasts). For still others, it could be to do away with those bald patches that they don’t like.

One of the main areas people want plastic surgery for is the face. There are many different procedures just for the facial area. Some are surgical and some are non surgical so there is a lot to consider and weigh up when considering what to get done. If you go down the surgery route common procedures include nose jobs, eyelid surgery, brow lifts (involving the upper part of the face) and facelifts (including the mid and lower parts of the face).

But even within these, there are many more specific options to consider. Take a face lift for example.  Firstly, do you want surgical or non surgical? Of course, non surgical can sound more appealing for obvious reasons but the downside is that it is a much more temporary solution than going for surgery. Once you’ve decided that, you’re faced with many more options. For instance, if you opt for surgery, do you want a skin only facelift, neck liposuction, or maybe an extended deep plane facelift.

Obviously a lot of research is required before committing to a surgery. The first step would also be to visit the plastic surgeon for a consultation so during this time, you could discuss any uncertainties and concerns with them and be open to their suggestions. Of course, when opting to have a surgery or even if you decide on a non surgical option, you are allowing someone to alter your body and so it would be wise to go to a well known and respected, experienced surgeon.