A Wedding As Personal As You And Your Future Spouse

No person is like another. No wedding is like another, either. The officiants, venues, couples, and relatives thatmake up the whole affair will always be a mixed bag. When you put these factors together, different results are going to manifest. You can’t control everything, but like a river, you can direct most of the “flow” by planning in advance.

Following, we’ll explore a few ideas for your wedding ceremony to help get your imagination stimulated. Additionally, we’ll look into a few features of the marriage “climate” in the United States today to help inform your opinion, and save you from making mistakes, those who don’t do their homework stumble into all the time.

When To Plan, How Much You’ll Spend

Weddings in the United States commonly cost $35,000+, as of 2016. Now you can spend more, or you can spend less. What will impact these numbers are the officiants, venues, entertainment, catering, photography, and wait staff you hire for the event.

The more unique you seek to make your wedding, the more costly this can be—to a point. You don’t have to hire an entire buffet and venue for the reception; you can conduct it at home after a marriage in a local chapel if you like, and let your “style” be one of frugality. Then again, you might want to put together a video presentation and hire a performance art group.

Understand what you’re looking for, and put together a rough estimate of expected expenses to reach your goal. This will help you get the most for the least, and most effectively match your vision. The further out you plan your wedding, the better deals you can get on vendors and venues. Ideally, you want to start planning things about a year in advance.

Decor, Entertainment, Wardrobe, And Eats

How do you plan on decorating your wedding? You should probably plan décor that complements the wardrobe. If you’re looking for cost-effective ideas on your wardrobe, and that of your wedding party, here’s a page with a catalog full of diverse options in all sorts of styles and price ranges.

Your décor will be reflected in your invitations, in the sort of cake you choose, the sort of photographs you take prior, during, and after the event, where your honeymoon ends up being, and many similar details. It’s helpful to choose a theme, and let that direct you. This theme will likely be reflected in your catering, too.

For example, if you’re going with a lot of pinks, reds, and romantic vibes, you might end up putting together a candy buffet replete with color-matching confections. Meanwhile, if you’re more interested in dark colors and a gothic approach, perhaps you’ll look into a chocolate fountain, or something similar. The theme should be reflected throughout the entire affair—unless that’s not your style!

Getting Things Just Right

Something is going to go wrong, something unexpected is going to happen, and what that something is may be positive or negative. It’s no use worrying about it. Control what you can when you can by planning in advance, and pursuing a clear vision. How much work you put into this is going to depend on you.

Some people are interested in a quiet, private, simple affair. Some people have a lavish wedding that goes on for a few days or even weeks if you’re from certain countries where this is expected.

Whatever fits you is going to be unique to you, even if you’re doing things like you’ve seen other couples do. Still, planning in advance and knowing what you’re trying to go for will help you save money and determine your best moves, while simultaneously helping you be more relaxed on the day of the event. Control what you can, and for all else, enjoy the ride!