In life things to do not always go the way you hope or plan and sometimes this means that you end up in a situation where you are on the wrong side of the law. It may be because you purposely did something illegal and got caught, you did something illegal unknowingly and were arrested or you did something you are pretty sure was not illegal and for some reason the police arrested you. In any case, if any of these happen, you will require the services of a top criminal defense attorney like Rosenthal and Wadas, PLLC, who is the best line of defense for you in a criminal case.

When you are accused of a crime, the stakes are high, you are completely stressed out, you might be in jail, and locating the right criminal defense attorney can seem daunting. Read through these tips for finding the right criminal defense attorney and learn the specifics for picking one who will best represent you.

Make Sure They Are Experts on Your Type of Case

Your primary focus is to locate a criminal defense attorney that specializes on your type of crime to make sure that they understand the specifics and idiosyncrasies of your case. Have you been charged with involuntary manslaughter, assault and battery, attempted murder, or perhaps even a sex crime?

While many criminal defense attorneys have practices addressing all of these crimes, there is a good chance that one you contact might only be an expert in one. You need to do your research and ask questions of the law firm about where their strengths lie and if they have a great track record in getting positive outcomes from your type of case.

Complete Commitment to Your Case

When you are accused of a serious crime, it takes an unwavering commitment from a talented legal team to get you the best outcome. Many law firms are talented but take on too many cases and put your good outcome at risk as a result. The right lawyers will dedicate the right amount of time needed to ensure that you get the best representation.

You can get an understanding of their level of commitment and how they look at your case based on how they treat you and your case in conversations leading up to and during you interview meeting with them. Ask them directly about their feelings about your case and what they see as the most likely outcome. Focus on getting honest answers and that they are committed to getting you a favorable outcome.

They Know How the System Works

The judicial system is complicated and technical and sometimes exploiting the smallest details in the system can get you a favorable outcome that may not have happened otherwise. So having lawyers who know the system intimately really works in your favor.

Your lawyer must understand clearly how the court system works, how to make the proper filings, and present you and your case favorably to the judge. The lawyers must know how to do this within legal boundaries, how to approach witnesses, and select the right jurors from a jury pool, and how to get on the good side of a judge. Finally the right attorney know when to negotiate with the prosecution and when to ask for and take a deal for you.

The procedural part of a criminal defense lawyer’s job is half is job so do not overlook how critical this is to getting the outcome you want.

The right lawyers will give you personal attention and always make you feel like they trust and believe you and that their only view of success, is if you get the best possible outcome.