Laminated postcards are an excellent way to grab a consumer’s attention. The average consumer receives 454 pieces of marketing mail a year, and a laminated plastic postcard is a great way to stand out from the clutter. In addition, consumer response rates to direct mail campaigns are generally between 9% and 5%.


One of the most attractive benefits of laminated postcards is their durability. They resist the damaging effects of automated mail sorting machines and other mail hazards. A laminated postcard can also make the mailer appear more substantial. As a result, consumers will be more likely to examine a laminated postcard than a normal paper postcard, making them a much more valuable piece of mail. A laminated print will last longer, especially if it is used outdoors. It will also resist sunlight and weather, protecting the informational content. As a result, a laminated postcard is likely to last for years.

Soft Touch Coating

A soft touch coating is an important aspect of the packaging of luxury items because it can give a product an upscale and sophisticated appearance. This type of finish is commonly used in jewelry, the high-end fashion industry, and expensive audio components. However, unlike other coatings, soft touch doesn’t create the same type of reflective brightness.

The soft-touch effect is created through a special coating or laminate film. The coating is applied in liquid form after printing ink, creating a velvety texture on the product’s exterior. This type of coating is also more environmentally friendly. It creates a barrier resistant to fingerprints and gives the surface a softer feel. It also minimizes the flattening of images.

Water And Tear Resistance

A great way to create water and tear-resistant postcards is by applying a special laminate to the front and back of the postcard. Laminated postcards can be used for any purpose, from personal to business advertising. Silk laminated postcards, for example, are made to look like premium silk fabric. As a result, they are highly durable, water and tear-resistant, and have a rich velvet texture. These durable postcards are great for wedding invitations, photo cards, and more. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes.

Other types of laminated postcards can be produced in several different ways. Some are thicker than others and are coated with a glossy layer that is more resistant to water and tears. In addition, some cards are made from 22pt thick, thicker cardstock, while others are printed on 16pt cardstock.

Scuff Resistance

There are several advantages to laminated postcards, and one of them is their scratch resistance. Scuff resistance adds extra durability to postcards and a touch of luxury. Suede-laminated postcards have a luxurious, velvety feel. They are printed on a 16-point coated card stock and have a 1.5-mil soft velvet lamination. They are available in two-sided and full-color printing, and they are also scuff-resistant. These postcards are available in a standard size of 4″ x 6″, which makes them the most cost-effective.

Unique Design

A laminated postcard is a great way to boost response rates for direct mail campaigns. These postcards are printed with high-quality graphics to grab consumers’ attention and force them to focus on your offer. They also increase response rates, allowing you to send more postcards and offer discounts or special offers.

Another great way to improve response rates is to include a QR Code or contact information on the postcard. In addition, you can also add a magnet to the postcard, which can help it stand out. Many postcard printers even offer custom die-cut postcards with rounded corners or a heart-shaped design.