SEO is a large part of any marketing strategy. It can help build authority and ranking in the search engines for a range of keywords including branded and non-branded phrases. Both offer value to companies that are trying to attract new and existing customers over competitor results.

As you might expect, if someone is searching branded keywords, they already know what they are looking for and are possibly using these terms in a navigational or local capacity. However non-branded keywords help to attract people that are may not already know about your company or brand and have clicked on your website off the back of a non-branded search term.

Non-branded keywords are essential for your SEO efforts as they can show how effective your keyword targeting is. There will be certain words and phrases that you want to be found for, so researching and monitoring the most relevant ones will ensure you are focusing your efforts in the right place. To get the best out of non-branded keyword ranking, take a look at how you can use SEO to improve your reach.

Optimizing keyword research

Using the help of SEO services you can identify keywords that rank well for your sector. There will be many that have high competition but using a mix of these, and lower competition phrases will ensure you cover popular phrases that people are searching for. Utilizing your analytics is also an invaluable way to discover how people navigate your site from non-branded keywords. You’ll see what words they used to find your site, and then you can tailor targeting to similar words that have more search volume.

Medium and long-tail keywords

There will be many times where people search for the exact phrase or question they need answering. For example ‘how to mine for bitcoins’ is a non-branded keyword that might be searched that will actually lead people to specific brands that can help them answer this question. Using words that are strongly associated with your topic is also a great way to drive traffic to your site.

Optimizing titles

One of the first features people read is the title of an article or blog for the information they are seeking. Optimizing this title tag is a good way to increase click-through rate (CTR) and show how people interact with the content provided. There are many resources where you can analyze your headlines and makes interesting examples that people will want to look at. Character length, structure and adding some emotion to your headline is also a great way to boost your ranking.

Make content easy to digest

No one likes reading chunky text that immediately looks hard to digest. Even if you have long-form pieces on your website, they should be presented in manageable sections using subheadings and actionable images to break it up.

SEO is an important part of any marketing plan and is a great way to boost quality visitor numbers to your site time and time again.