Are you wondering “Should I buy an RV?” After reading this article, you’ll know the answer is, “Yes!”

Below are the top 9 benefits of owning an RV. From “saving money” to “living longer,” none of these are benefits you want to miss out on.

Your RV will also make your vacations cheaper, easier, better, and probably more frequent. That’s not to mention that RV tourism is the only sanitary way to take a vacation during the COVID-19 outbreak.

To see what your life would look like with an RV, read this list. Then, buy an RV and enjoy all these perks.

1. No More Hotel Drama

Chances are, you’ve had at least one of these hotel experiences in your life:

  • “Hey, I ordered a room with 2 queen beds, not one king.”
  • “My non-smoking room smells like smoke.”
  • “My non-smoking room smells like vomit.”
  • “There are alarming red stains on the walls of my room.”
  • “There’s lipstick on my water glass.”
  • “Sorry, sir, we can’t seem to find your reservation.”

And that’s far from a complete list of common hotel horror stories. Let’s not forget about rude staff (and the fact that you never really know how clean your room is).

There’s also the drama of browsing and booking—finding a well-rated hotel, finding a good deal, reading reviews, making sure it’s available, etc. And doesn’t it always seem that the price is 3 times higher on the dates you wish to book?

If you want to never deal with any of these again, get an RV.

2. It’s Clean

Speaking of not knowing how clean your hotel room is—well, actually, that’s about all that need be said about that. Who knows how many people touched that room before you got there (or how they touched it, or how filthy they were)? Likewise, who knows how well it was cleaned after them?

Because hotel cleaning staff is rewarded for being as fast as possible, they often clean just enough to make the room look clean, whether or not it really is. Add in the fact that there’s a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic going on and you might as well be sleeping in the infectious disease ward.

On the other hand, you know exactly who’s touched the inside of your RV and how clean it is. Unless you let in a bunch of strangers, you’re definitely safe from COVID-19 in there.

3. Never Unpack Again

Most vacationers are used to packing up their luggage, hauling it up to the hotel room, and living out of a suitcase for a week or two. (And by “used to” we mean unhappy but dealing with it anyway.) When the vacation’s over, they have to pack everything back up, do it all again in reverse, and hope nothing gets lost in the process. 

For that matter, their entire suitcase could get lost at any point during the vacation. It may never make it to the destination airport’s luggage carousel at all.

But RV vacationers know the blissful alternative: no unpacking and no lost luggage, ever. In fact, there’s no luggage at all!

Instead, you “pack” by stocking your fridge, cabinets, and closets. Then, you live out of these on your vacation the same as you would at home.

4. Spontaneity

Have you ever taken a spontaneous vacation? No planning in advance—you just decided and left spur-of-the-moment? If so, we’re betting it was only once since it’s usually a terrible idea.

Without reserving your hotel in advance, all the good ones at your destination are likely already booked. Then, the only hotel you can book is the one nobody would ever book on purpose. You’ll have similar luck with anything else you try to do at your destination.

Plus, no planning means no budgeting, which means spending too much money. It also means leaving in a hurry and forgetting your toothbrush.

Owning an RV makes you free to vacation literally anytime you have time off. You’ll keep extra toiletries and other essentials stocked so you never forget anything.

It doesn’t matter where you go or if you spend any money at all. Throw a dart at the map, drive, park. Like camping, it’s just fun to get away.

5. Better Than Camping

Speaking of camping, one exception to the negative scenarios in that last point is a spontaneous camping trip. You can usually always find a camping ground available and there’s not a lot you need to spend your money on.

Owning an RV is the same, but better in many ways. The most important difference is you’ll always have a clean, private bathroom.

Depending on the features of your RV, you may even have a full kitchen for refrigeration and food preparation. And you never have to set up or take down a tent, air mattress, etc.

However, if that sounds too cushy to count as “roughing it,” you’re still welcome to use the tent and the air mattress. Regardless, it’s nice to have the option of a fridge, a clean bathroom, air conditioning, and tons of space for all your camping stuff, right?

Plus, your RV can even haul your dirtbikes or ATV to your campsite, as shown in this video on the Leisureland RV homepage.

6. Save Money

If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, your vacations are a lot cheaper with an RV. There are no more several-hundred-dollar-per-night hotels involved.

RV parking ranges from free to very cheap. It’s like vacationing at half-price or less! If you vacation a lot, it won’t be long before your RV pays for itself with all the money you save on hotel fare.

7. Vacation More

If you don’t vacation a lot, you’ll probably do it a lot more when you don’t have to pay for a hotel. The “vacation discount” that comes with owning an RV will most likely result in more frequent vacations.

8. Improved Health

That’s right, vacationing more frequently is good for your health. Studies have shown that it can add years to your life!

9. Actually Complete Your Bucket List

Speaking of life and death, how many places do you still wish to see before you die? Most of us have an extensive list of destinations on our bucket list. And yet, most Americans will see only 12 of our states in their lifetime. 

More vacations mean more chances to broaden your horizons and more states crossed off your bucket list.

Should I Buy an RV?

The real question is “When should I buy an RV?” The answer is, “Now.” Get yourself an RV and start reaping these benefits as soon as possible.

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