As you look in the mirror, you can’t help but to be astounded by how much your figure has changed. You actually have your hourglass figure from your youth back. And on top of this, your skin is tighter than you’ve seen in years. Many patients in Chicago and elsewhere have experienced the results following liposuction and skin removal by companies like Sono Bello, which outlines these procedures on its Twitter page. The question is, how do you maintain these results? Here are a few things you can do to help yourself long term.

First, take dieting and regular exercise seriously. Sure, body contouring can transform your body’s curves and make you look more proportional. However, you’ll maintain this look only if you keep your weight at a healthy level. For example, let’s say you permanently eliminate certain fat cells through liposuction. If you start to gain weight, you’ll see the weight pop up in other parts of your body because your remaining fat cells will start to expand. It’s for this reason that you need to watch what you eat and stay active long after your cosmetic surgery has been completed.

Also, it’s crucial that you follow the postoperative activity–related restrictions that your surgeon gives you. Avoid using products from the store that your surgeon has not suggested, as they may cause problems for you during the healing process. Instead, stick with your doctor’s directions, and if you have any questions, contact him or her right away.

Finally, watch your use of tobacco following surgery. Especially following surgery, nicotine immensely affects the body’s healing capability, thus leading to longer recovery times and possible complications leading to bleeding and pain. Excessively drinking alcohol is another move that can have an adverse effect on your health following a cosmetic procedure. The better you take care of yourself following surgery, the greater your chances of having a positive post-treatment experience and results that will last.