Christian energy therapy healing is one of the most foundational parts of the Christian faith. It is also the focus for Splankna, who feel that it is human nature to wish to heal itself not just from disease, injury, and illness, but also from spiritual, psychological, emotional, and mental upsets. Splankna, therefore, offers healing through various different avenues.

Splankna on Christian Energy Healing Therapy

The role of the healer is quite well-defined within the Christian faith. Anyone who can administer, through the Holy Spirit, God’s grace, allowing the power of the Lord to emanate through them, are healers. This concept starts at the spiritual level, since it is known that the mind and soul strongly affects the body.

There are various teachings within the catholic church that can lead to healing, including:

  • The Eucharist, where Jesus becomes part of us, reminding us through his own pain and suffering that we can overcome our difficulties.
  • The holy sacraments, of which there are seven, each of which give sacramental and sanctifying grace.
  • The sacred scriptures, where the Lord speaks directly to each individual through the Bible, which is a book of reflection, teaching, and deep wisdom, but also a book of healing.
  • Mary Mother of God, because Mary will always come to the help of those who ask for it and she is a great healer.
  • Jesus the Lord and Savior directly, who spiritually guides the suffering, the weak, the sad, and the lonely. If Jesus is by your side, and his compassion embraces all of the world, then you are never alone.
  • The Christian saint, who have all performed miracles such as healing and grace.
  • The angels, who are light and joy beings that help guide us through life. They also heal us with their white energy and light, with different angels playing different roles.
  • Prayer, which is perhaps on the most powerful ways to ask for divine guidance and healing. Praying allows people to speak directly to the Lord, be that through formal prayer or through our own words. There are no rules to prayer, as it is simply an opportunity to speak to the Lord, discuss your own fears and worries, ask for forgiveness, for healing, for guidance, and for intervention.
  • The Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of the Lord himself. The Lord wishes to bring people together and give them salvation in peace. To do this, he brings wisdom and comfort to all of mankind.
  • To forgive ourselves, because to err is human, but to forgive is divine. If you carry the burden of your own feelings of guilt at all times, you cannot ever begin to heal.

According to Splankna, there are various other forms of healing as well, most of which focus on identifying the root of the problem. Christian counseling is one such method, allowing people to discuss their issues in a comfortable, supportive environment, sharing it with their Christian counselor and, through them, with the Lord.