Transitioning from military to civilian life presents unique challenges, including choosing a new career path. For many military veterans, the structure and purpose of serving in the armed forces can be hard to replicate in the civilian job market.

However, the skills and qualities instilled through military service can be invaluable in starting a business venture.

This article aims to identify startup business avenues particularly well-suited for military veterans, where skills like discipline, leadership, and a strong work ethic can provide a competitive advantage.

Fitness and Personal Training Services

Many veterans leave the military with a strong background in physical fitness and personal discipline, highly marketable skills in the fitness industry. Military veterans can leverage their experience to promote physical wellness and a disciplined lifestyle by offering personalized training sessions, group classes, or even online coaching.

Security Consulting

The experience gained from serving in high-stakes, secure environments lends itself well to a career in security consulting. Veterans can provide expert advice on security protocols, risk assessment, and crisis management. Businesses, both small and large, can benefit from the insights and practical knowledge that veterans bring to the table in this domain.

Outdoor Adventure and Survival Courses

Veterans with a special forces or infantry background may find the field of outdoor and survival training to be a perfect fit. Their unique skills in navigation, survival techniques, and risk assessment can be transferred to civilians who are interested in outdoor adventures but lack the necessary skills to undertake them safely.

Specialty Logistics and Freight Services

Those with experience in military logistics will find the civilian logistics sector to be a smooth transition. Offering specialized logistics services, such as transporting sensitive goods or setting up mobile bases for events, can be a lucrative venture.

E-commerce and Retail Business

The principles of military financial planning can also be applied to running an e-commerce business. Effective inventory management, budget control, and operational efficiency are key aspects in which a veteran’s planning skills can be used. With numerous platforms available, setting up an online retail business is easier than ever.

Technology Solutions and Software Development

Many military personnel have exposure to cutting-edge technology. They may have received training in coding, systems management, or cyber-security. Using these skills to develop software solutions for businesses can be a rewarding and high-earning endeavor.

Coaching and Leadership Training

Leadership and management are core skills developed in the military. Offering coaching and leadership training to corporate clients can be a rewarding way to pass on these qualities. Leadership programs led by veterans often emphasize discipline, teamwork, and effective decision-making—traits that are highly valued in the business world.

Skilled Trade Services

For veterans who worked in engineering, mechanics, or similar roles, entering a skilled trade such as electricians, plumbers, or HVAC specialists can be a viable option. Vocational training for these trades is generally shorter than a traditional college degree, allowing for quicker entry into the job market.


Military veterans have various skills and experiences that make them ideal candidates for entrepreneurship.