We all have that thing or object that we give proper care because they give importance to us. Like our eyeglasses, which provide us with protection from sun and radiation, as well as our phones for better communication. The same goes to safety gears, especially to people at work. Everything should be given proper care because it’s essential.

Hard hat lights is one good example of safety gears. It is a must-have to workers on constructions sites, underground, rescue teams and such. It’s also the right choice for people who have night shifts on the field. However, some of us do not consider the importance of wearing this type of gears. They think that it is part of uniforms or it was required to them by their companies. Here’s what to know about hard hat lights.


Safety gears are essential to people working in fields that might be a little dangerous. One example of this equipment is the hard hat light. This gear is commonly-used underground or in construction fields. A hard hat is “personal protective equipment” as it protects you from falling debris or any serious injury while you’re on the job. We might not avoid that, but it’s good to prevent it from happening.

In some particular industries, workers were all required to wear hard hats for their protection, and failing to do so might cause something serious to happen, knowing that they work on hazardous places. Hard hat light protects employees in the industrial field from head injuries. It also helps them work during the night because of its built-in flashlight.

What’s good about this gear is that you don’t need to carry around a flashlight during work nights. It’s very convenient and wouldn’t cause you any trouble. It gives you light and safety, too. You can use this in certain places where you need light, for instance, in areas with zero visibility, power interruption, and such.

People might be thinking about how it is bothersome to wear these gears while working. It’s too heavy, or it’s causing a little inconvenience. No, this is as important as your life. You’ll never know what might happen while you are on site.


Knowing that this things are as important as your belongings, you should find out how to properly take good care of them. If these gears keep you safe, then, it’s just right to give it a check. Before anything else, make sure to choose the best type of hard hat lights to use at work. These type of gears were made of shell and suspension that is perfect for your head protection. How should you take good care of your hard hat?

  1. INSPECT – Make sure to have a proper inspection of your hard hat light. Check if there are any cracks, dents, and also check the lights if it’s still properly working. These damages may be caused by impacts during your work. Most importantly, check the shell itself if it’s still in good condition to use. Do not wear them if it’s a little brittle or stiff to avoid any complications.
  2. CLEAN – The same way how you inspect it, make sure to clean it regularly with mild soap. It’s good to have a good appearance still while working on site. Consult for a good cleaning material to use for your gear.
  3. CONSULT – If anything happens, better to make a consultation for it. Just like having ourselves a check-up, our gears should have one, too, for this is one thing that protects us at work. Ask for proper maintenance, soap to use and such.
  4. USE OF STICKERS – Stickers doesn’t affect the quality of your hard hat. There are rules to follow when putting stickers on your hard hat to personalize it. But it would help if you always remembered to limit them so it will still be recognized as part of your industrial or work uniform.
  5. MODIFICATIONS – Do not drill holes in your hard hat’s shell. Some people might do this with their hats for ventilation, but it might not be safe for you. It’s good to maintain your hard hat light as it is. Moreover, avoid any contact to electric wires when using this gear. It would be best if you do not put anything on it for keeping. Do not store your belonging as it might be more burdensome for your head, and it’s not safe while working on the field.
  6. AVOID PAINTS & SOLVENTS – These substances may cause any damage to your hard hat. It’s better to keep them away from paints and solvents. Maintain its color as it is and it can also affect its durability.
  7. STORAGE – After use, make sure to store it in a safe place. Avoid dropping or throwing your hard hat. It should be away from extreme exposure to sunlight or high temperature that might cause brittleness to your hard hat light.
  8. REPLACEMENT – Once you checked that your hard hat light is not useful anymore, you should have a replacement immediately. If it was damaged due to an impact, replace it as soon as possible. If lights are battery-operated, make sure to change them, too. It is also always exposed to sunlight, and it might not be best to still wear it again after a long time. It is highly advised to replace your hat every two years.

These are just a few of the things you should remember in taking care of your safety gears. When you’re on your working place, your safety will always be a priority. So, do not underestimate the importance of hard hat lights. These are not just for your uniform or a requirement, but it’s something that you should remember to wear. Keep in mind how important this is because if not, you might lose more important things. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, grab one today for your best protection.