When is the right time to try couples therapy? How do you know if you’ll get anything out of it? Do you wait until there’s constant fighting? Do you pull the trigger early so you have a better chance of working it out?

Many couples struggle with the exact same issue and sadly, most wait entirely too long. Here are the unmistakable signs that you and your partner would benefit from couples therapy:

1. You’re having the same argument

If your relationship is stuck on repeat, you need an objective third party to help you both see each other’s side, as well as give you the tools to resolve your issues.

2. You’re looking outside your relationship

Wandering eyes are a sign that therapy is needed immediately. You don’t want to give yourself the opportunity to self-sabotage, so seek help before you’re tempted.

3. You’ve undergone a major life change

Transitions are the hardest part of relationships (and life) so if you’ve just gone through a huge life-changing event, it’s safe to assume that therapy would benefit you hugely.

4. You don’t feel like you in your relationship

This may be hard to pinpoint, as it may involve gaslighting or manipulation by your partner, but if you catch yourself looking at your reflection wondering ‘Who am I?’ then this is a sure-fire sign.

5. You feel lonely

If you don’t feel like you’re being heard, you don’t feel validated or seen, and you don’t feel like anything you do matters in your relationship… you’re suffering intense feelings of loneliness. There is nothing worse than feeling abandoned in your own relationship, so take that as a sign to find help right away.

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