Parquet flooring, with its intricate patterns and timeless elegance, has been gracing interiors for centuries. Originating in 16th century France, parquet has evolved into a symbol of sophistication and luxury within modern interiors.  

From the classic herringbone to contemporary geometric motifs, the artistry of parquet flooring continues to inspire designers and homeowners alike. 

History and Evolution of Parquet Flooring 

Parquet flooring can be traced back to the 16th century, being found in beautiful French chateaux. The best-known example of this flooring, however, is the Palace of Versailles. In the 17th century, King Louis XIV had the marble floors of his palace replaced with Versailles parquet.  

The popularity of parquet spread across Europe during the Renaissance period; adorning the floors or palaces, mansions and other prestigious interiors.  

During the 20th century, parquet flooring hit a decline as carpet became a popular choice for homes. Towards the end of the century, these beautiful floors began to resurge and to this day, they continue to be revered for their timeless appeal and versatility.  

Design Inspirations 

Classic Herringbone: the timeless elegance of the herringbone pattern never fails to impress. Originating from the V-shaped arrangement of fishbones, this pattern adds sophistication to any space. Whether in traditional oak or contemporary walnut, herringbone parquet flooring exudes understated luxury. 

Chevron Chic: similar to herringbone, the chevron pattern is more dynamic and angular. Characterised by its sharp, zig-zagging design, chevron adds a modern twist to traditional parquet. This pattern is often favoured in contemporary interiors as it creates a sense of movement and style. From light ash to rich mahogany, chevron parquet floors make a bold statement in living rooms and dining rooms. 

Versatile Versailles: named after the Palace of Versailles, this pattern exudes regal charm and timeless beauty. It features interlocking squares with intricate borders and geometric motifs. Synonymous with luxury, this pattern is ideal for more formal spaces such as dining rooms and even master suites. 

Modern Geometrics: in contemporary interior design, parquet flooring has transcended from traditional patterns to more abstract designs and geometric shapes. From hexagons to diamonds, modern geometric parquet offers endless creative possibilities. Combining different wood species, colours and finishes, you can add visual interest and depth to modern spaces. Whether in minimalist lofts or eclectic studios, geometric parquet flooring serves as a striking focal point.  

Custom Creations: with the advancements in technology today, custom-designed parquet flooring has gained popularity among homeowners and designers. From intricate marquetry to personalised motifs, custom parquet floor allows for unparalleled creativity and individuality.   

Current Trends in Parquet Flooring  

Mixing Wood Species: this trend continues to gain momentum in parquet flooring as it celebrates the unique grain patterns and hues of each wood species. Creating visually captivating floors that are rich in texture and personality. From warm oak to exotic teak, combining contrasting woods can add depth and character to your floors.  

Sustainable Choices: with environmental consciousness growing, there’s a rising demand for sustainable parquet flooring options. From reclaimed wood to FSC-certified materials, eco-friendly alternatives are shaping the future of parquet. Homeowners and designers are opting for responsibly sourced wood species and eco-friendly manufacturing processes to ensure that their parquet flooring contributes to a healthier planet.  

Statement Borders: to add a touch of drama and elegance, statement borders are making a comeback n parquet flooring design. Whether they feature intricate inlays or contrasting colours, borders frame parquet patterns and accentuate their beauty as they define the space. From subtle outlines to bold geometric motifs, statement borders allow for personalisation and elevate parquet flooring. 

Matte Finishes: in contrast to the high gloss finishes of the past, matte finishes are quickly gaining popularity in contemporary interiors. These finishes enhance the natural beauty of wood grains, while providing a durable and low-maintenance surface. Whether in traditional oak or exotic woods, matte-finished parquet floors exude a sense of warmth and authenticity. 

Large-Scale Patterns: breaking away from traditional small-scale patterns, large-scale parquet designs are making a bold statement in contemporary interiors. From oversized herringbone to expansive chevron, these patterns create visual impact and spaciousness in any room. This trend is particularly popular in open-plan living areas where the parquet flooring can act as a dynamic focal point.   


Parquet flooring continues to captivate designers and homeowners alike with its versatility and beauty. From classic herringbone to modern geometric motifs, there’s endless design opportunities, allowing you to embrace creativity and individuality within your home. Further enhancing the beauty of wood flooring as you go!