Many people avoid the subject of hearing assessment tests because the first image that comes to mind is an old fashioned device big enough to cover your entire ear. However, what most people don’t realize is that hearing aid technology has changed significantly over the last few decades.

Gone are the days of cumbersome, chunky hearing aids that require tiny, annoying batteries to be replaced every few days. These days, you can purchase a device that perfectly fits your lifestyle and aesthetic.a

Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about replacing your hearing aid with batteries because of groundbreaking lithium-ion battery operated technology. These can be found at expert clinics such as Acoustica hearing clinic — a locally operated business that has been serving the hearing air community for almost 20 years.

They carry top-of-the-line products that provide comfort and aesthetic appeal to customers such as invisible and custom-designed hearing aids. They also carry rechargeable hearing aids

Blue Angels Hearing is another company that offers digital rechargeable hearing aids, which use new battery technology, have better sound quality and are offered at a lesser cost. If you’re wondering how rechargeable hearing aids differ from regular hearing aids, here are four advantages to switching to lithium-ion batteries.

Better in Cold Weather

Winter is here, and for most of us, that means colder days and longer nights. Zinc-air batteries struggle to function optimally in cold weather. Low temperatures and lack of moisture sap the batteries quickly. This drains your hearing aid and causes issues with sound quality.

Rechargeable batters are gaining popularity in areas that experience long winters because they’re much more cost-effective and easier to use. Lithium-ion batteries experience almost no loss in cold weather.

No Additional Costs

A hearing aid user can easily spend up to $100 on disposable batteries per year. There’s also the hassle of having to go buy batteries and spending money on shipping costs or on gas used to drive to get them.

There’s no need for online purchases or trips to the drugstore with rechargeable batteries. Your hearing aid will come with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged as many times as you need.

You Won’t be Caught Off Guard

A rechargeable battery becomes part of your routine. If you charge your batteries each night before you go to bed, there is much less of a chance of finding yourself stuck somewhere with a hearing aid that doesn’t work.

Disposable zinc-air batters don’t provide the same protection. With little warning, they can run out at any time. If you don’t carry backup batteries at all times, you can run into trouble.

Suitable for Seniors

The process of buying and replacing batteries for seniors can be difficult. Many seniors might not have the necessary means to drive or walk to the drugstore, and many others might struggle to open the battery compartment due to motor and mobility issues.

A rechargeable hearing aid avoids these problems. The heading aid can be taken out and placed in the safety of the charger with ease where they’ll be ready when you need them.

Rechargeable hearing aids provide less stress and financial concern. Check out your local hearing aid clinic today to take advantage of this convenient technology.

No matter what kind of a hearing end you go for, it is best to first take recommendations from the Top ENT Doctors in Dubai. Whether you are looking for hearing aids for seniors or the kind of batteries that the hearing aid should have, taking expert advice from an experienced ENT will go a long way to making you take the right decision.

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