When it comes to the healthcare profession, there is certainly no shortage of career opportunities to choose from, particularly when it comes to nursing. Today, a huge shortage of nurses across the country is leading to a higher demand than ever for this profession, with nurses enjoying more job security, better salaries, and better opportunities for progression than ever before. More and more aspiring nurses are choosing to enroll in an accelerated nursing program these days, to get into this highly rewarding, stable, and well-respected profession as quickly as possible. With several benefits to earning a BSN including better pay, more work opportunities, and better career advancement options, what are the benefits of taking a program that allows you to earn your BSN in record time?

Save Time:

Getting a BSN to become a nurse or further your nursing education typically takes around four years – which is a lot of time if you want to enter the profession as quickly as possible and start your career sooner rather than later. An accelerated nursing program is an ideal way to get your qualification and start your career as quickly as possible since you will be able to complete all of your schooling in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to enter the career sooner.

Save Money:

Another great reason to consider getting an accelerated BSN in nursing is that you may have the option to save money as a result. Tuition fees are often charged by the year, meaning that a four-year BSN degree is likely to cost you double compared to a degree that only takes two years to complete. If you’re serious about reducing your student debt and want to meet your educational goals cost-effectively and more affordably, it certainly makes sense to consider a degree program that saves a lot of time and money.

It’s More Straightforward:

Since ABSN programs in Texas tend to move at a much faster pace compared to a typical BSN program, you can usually expect your course of study to be more straightforward and focused. This is the ideal choice for those who are already working as Licensed Practical Nurses and want to earn a BSN to become an RN, or if you are a healthcare professional already looking to shift your career into nursing. An ABSN is more focused on getting results, and while it can be very intense, it certainly gets straight to the point of what you need to learn to get your qualification and enter or climb the nursing career ladder.

Better Opportunities:

Getting your nursing degree with an ABSN can lead to better career opportunities for a variety of reasons. Accelerated nursing programs tend to be mainly carried out through a range of hands-on learning environments, meaning that you will be required to spend a lot of your time working on clinical placements and learning on the job. This gives you a better chance to make a name for yourself in local healthcare settings as a star student and get to know others in the nursing profession who may be willing to offer you a full-time job once you’ve gained your BSN.

What are the Advantages of Getting Into Nursing Faster?

There are various advantages of a job in nursing. High demand, great job security, lots of respect, career progression opportunities and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of the people that you work with every day are just some of the reasons why people decide to become nurses. Getting an ABSN allows you to reap the benefits of working as a nurse even sooner, which include:

High Worldwide Demand:

There is no denying that nurses are needed wherever you go. As long as there are humans on the planet there are going to be diseases and injuries that nurses will be required to treat. Currently, the US and many other parts of the world are suffering from a shortage of nurses, which will only help to guarantee you work wherever you go, either in the US or abroad.

Excellent Salary and Benefits:

Nurses can enjoy an excellent salary and benefits package that is better than average. Along with a competitive average salary of approximately $64,000, nurses will often enjoy employer-provided health and other insurances, flexible working schedules, and many other enviable workplace perks.

Career Progression Opportunities:

Getting your BSN as a nurse opens up several further opportunities for you when it comes to specializing in a certain area of nursing or moving up the career ladder. Once you have completed an ABSN, you will have the required qualification to get into even more advanced nursing education such as studying to become a nurse-midwife or a family nurse practitioner. Today, an increasing number of employers require nurses to have a BSN before starting work and it is typically an essential prerequisite to any nursing master’s degrees and other advanced training courses that you may be interested in completing in order to take your career in the direction that you would like.

Enjoy Rewarding Work:

Last but not least, one of the main benefits of earning an ABSN is that you get to start enjoying a very rewarding and satisfying line of work sooner than ever. If you are passionate about helping others and can’t wait to get started as a nurse, an ABSN is one of the best options to meet your career goals quickly and complete your education so that you can start to enjoy the rewards of nursing even sooner. Once you have qualified and passed the NCLEX exam, you’ll be able to start working as a nurse and following your career calling.

Today, nurses are in higher demand than ever before. Whether you’re eager to get started and help to meet this demand or simply want to become a nurse in record time to avoid student debt and enjoy this rewarding career sooner, ABSN programs can be a very beneficial option, allowing you to get your BSN and start working as a registered nurse faster.