Kratom is a controversial plant which is found in many parts of Southeast Asia. The common myth hounding kratom has that it provides many medical benefits. However, the truth is that there is not even single research which suggests kratom be used as a suitable medical drug. People who have been taking kratom for quite some time believe that it has many medical benefits. Some people claim it treats anxiety whereas some believe it heals insomnia. Kratom has similar properties to marijuana which is why many people prefer to smoke it.

Some online manufacturers provide kratom in powder form which they claim is lab tested. Kratom crazy is a trusted brand name which has been able to successfully unearth many positive reviews. There are different types of kratom powders available in the market. Some of them are:

  1. Red kratom

This type of kratom has been able to garner positive reviews by customers. Users claim that it provides a pain-relieving effect. Some people even claim it can help in curtailing anxiety issues. Though, no medical benefits have been proven yet users say it can also cure panic attacks if given in small amounts. This category is related to the coffee plant and contains no opiates. One negative effect of using this type of kratom is that it can affect the respiratory system of the human body. This means overdose can even lead to death.

  1. White Kratom

This type of kratom is also a cliché in the sedative world. Users claim it provides a soothing effect to the body and also is very helpful in treating anxiety attacks. Many medical doctors from around the world prescribe their patients use it, but nothing concrete is available as per medical research to use it as a suitable drug. Along with that, users also claim it can help in treating clinical depression to some extent. People who suffer from chronic body pains are often suggested to use kratom. A very popular example of white kratom is “White Maeng Da”.

  1. Gold Kratom

This kratom is very similar to whites and is often found in abundance in Bali. However, in terms of its stimulating effect users claim it is low in intensity as compared to whites. A female user had given her online review about gold kratom which was quite surprising. She had applauded kratom because it helped her boyfriend in getting rid of drinking habit. She said her boyfriend started feeling good after taking kratom powder.

  1. Green Kratom

This category of kratom falls in between all the ones that have been mentioned above. Their stimulating effect is quite different from the rest of the category. Users claim this category of kratom is very central in helping them get rid of chronic back pains and arthritis. Moreover people also claim it improves the quality of life to a great extent. People who try reds say that white is a better option to go with. Well, unless a proper medical claim doesn’t surface, nothing can be said about the veracity of the drug.

All the different types have their properties effects. Unless the government doesn’t lift the ban on kratom, it will not be sold in public to people.