Keeping your employees safe is a must when you’re running a business, and one of the best ways to ensure their safety when facing workplace hazards is with safety data sheets. More than 5,000 people are killed each year in workplace accidents across the United States of America. You don’t want your workers sustaining injuries from chemical hazards if you can avoid them.

Learning more about the purpose of the safety data sheet is wise if you want to remain compliant with OSHA and provide a safe work environment for your workers. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn about implementing the material safety data sheet at your business.

Keep reading this article to take your workplace safety to a new level today!

What Are Safety Data Sheets?

Safety data sheets, previously called material safety data sheets, are essential for workplace safety. Using an SDS for labels displaying the chemicals in a hazardous compound is common. It’s also normal for the SDS to list the physical, health, and environmental risks associated with these chemicals.

A good safety data sheet also displays the proper safety precautions when handling chemicals. Properly storing the chemicals is also vital.

Another piece of information on an SDS is guidance on what to wear to protect yourself from harmful chemicals. You must always wear proper PPE gear to stay safe from workplace hazards. Knowing the appropriate first aid procedures is also crucial to your health.

OSHA requires labs and other workplaces to use safety data sheets during each work shift. Employees should always have access to these sheets to promote workplace safety and prevent accidents. You can look here for more info about the importance of safety data sheet management.

Benefits of Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets provide several benefits to your workers. They provide the necessary information for the proper handling of hazardous chemicals. Investing in a safety data sheet software program makes a ton of sense for businesses that want to keep their employees safe.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits you’ll enjoy with the material safety data sheet.

Saves Time

A significant reason to use safety data sheets in your workplace is the time you’ll save. Your employees have enough on their hands without organizing and memorizing the safety information for each chemical. Using safety data sheets saves them time to focus on other aspects of their job duties.

The most recent SDS copies will prevent workplace hazards and keep your workers safe during each shift. Consider using online safety data sheets to move your lab or business into the 21st century.

Safer Workplace

It’s no secret that handling chemicals opens Pandora’s box to health issues for your employees and the environment. Having a safety data sheet for each chemical promotes a safer work environment for all. You need to provide training to your employees to keep them up to date on the importance of handling chemicals with care.

Tracking everything with the chemicals you’re handling is a massive burden, especially if you’re trying to do so by memory. You’ll face serious fines from OSHA on top of potential workplace hazards and injuries.

It’s a small investment to start using and organizing your safety data sheet collection. Giving your employees that extra bit of protection is vital since they’ll feel appreciated and thought of. Most of all, you’ll keep your best employees since you care about their health and well-being.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service is another area that benefits when you start using safety data sheet management for your lab or business. If you’re selling chemicals or compounds, odds are that your salespeople do not know the SDS information for specific products. They’ll need to call someone to get the answers the client seeks.

You can provide better service when you have top-notch safety data sheet management for your business since you’ll have prompt responses to inquiries and questions. The alternative requires your personnel to find the sheet and relay the answers.

Having proper safety data sheet management improves the sales experience. Your sales department can provide the right answer instantaneously. This will help you provide better customer service and stand out compared to the competition.

Employee Training

Your employee training also improves when you use an SDS. You won’t enjoy the benefits of an SDS if your employees can’t read and understand them. You’ll enjoy a safe work environment when your employees are trained on how to use safety data sheets. 

Getting software for your SDS needs helps because it trains your employees on proper chemical handling. The contents of compounds will be easier to find. Your employees will know the safety steps to use when handling chemicals in the workplace.

Reduced Risk

The risk of workplace accidents is high when you’re handling harmful chemicals. The wrong move could put your workers and the environment at risk. Using an SDS is the most effective way to spread awareness of what you’re handling and how to proceed.

Your employees can look at the safety data sheet for each compound and know how it reacts with human tissue. It’s also the perfect place to find out how to handle an accident if you spill a chemical. You’ll reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace while keeping your workers safe.

It’s also essential if you want to prevent lawsuits and fines from OSHA. A lack of compliance results in large fines that could put your lab or business in a precarious situation. Don’t lose your business over a lack of safety data sheets.

Start Using Safety Data Sheets Today

Using safety data sheets is vital if you want to keep your lab or business open and your employees safe. An SDS provides information about chemicals and their harmful effects on humans and the environment. Training your employees on the safety data sheet prevents workplace hazards and keeps your employees safe.

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