A keratin lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives natural eyelashes a lifted and darkened appearance without extensions. It also helps strengthen your lashes and prevents them from breaking or falling out prematurely.

Keratin is a protein that makes up our hair, nails and skin. Deficiency of this aminoacid-rich substance can result in dry and frizzy hair, thinning or weakening nails and dull and tired skin.

The Protein

Keratin is a protective protein that gives hair, nails and skin strength and shine. We use a specialized formula that coats each eyelash with keratin during our lash lift process. Our lash infusion treatment doesn’t damage the natural lashes or cause a dramatic change in their appearance.

After the lashes are coated, they are lifted with a silicone pad similar to a perm. The lashes are held in place for about 10 minutes. Then, they’re rinsed, and the client goes on with their day — no need to return for a touch-up.

Unlike lash extensions, which can cause allergies and are expensive to maintain (especially when you absent-mindedly rub your eyes), our keratin lash infusion will not damage the lashes, allowing them to grow even longer.

The Amino Acids

A keratin lash lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. It’s less expensive and requires far less maintenance.

The lash lift process is completely safe and doesn’t cause any damage to your natural eyelashes. Unlike a perm, it doesn’t use any ammonia or acetone.

During the treatment, the beauty specialist will use a soft brush to apply a coat of the lash-lifting solution to your lashes. The answer is then removed, and a neutralizing solution is applied.

This patented process infuses real keratin

 into your lashes, strengthening and volumizing them, resulting in up to 40% more prominent lashes over time. The nourishing ingredients include silk peptides, Omega 3’s, vitamin C and silica. This makes them more hydrated, stronger and healthier from root to tip.

The Nutrients

A keratin lash infusion is a semi-permanent treatment that lifts your eyelashes and adds curl – just like a lash perm but without damaging your natural lashes. It’s also safer than a traditional perm because it uses no heat.

Our patented product infuses real keratin, charged peptides and vitamins, and oat protein into your lashes. It also closes and seals the full lash so you won’t have frizzy or oddly shaped lashes.

To prepare for your lash lift, arrive makeup free and avoid oil-based products around the eyes (including mascara). Your beauty specialist will cleanse your lashes before molding them to shape them using an adhesive. The keratin formula is then applied and left to take effect. The result is lifted darker and fuller lashes.

The Vitamins

Vitamins are an important part of your body and play a key role in healthy hair, skin, nails, and eyelashes. A few of the most important vitamins to promote healthy lashes include biotin, keratin, and vitamin C.

This is an ideal alternative to eyelash extensions and mascara, as it is less expensive and healthier for your natural lashes.

The Hydration

If you’re not a fan of eyelash extensions or are worried about damaging your natural lashes with a lash perm, a keratin lash lift might be the perfect solution. This patented treatment infuses your lashes with real keratin, resulting in beautiful, darkly lifted lashes up to 40% thicker.

The results last 6-8 weeks and are a great alternative to lash extensions, which must be infilled regularly. Everyone is a candidate for this safe, non-toxic treatment.

To extend the life of your keratin lash lift, it’s important to keep them dry for the first 48 hours. Moisture can break down the formula over time, shortening your results. Avoid oil-based products, like cleansing oils and makeup removers, and use micellar water to cleanse your lashes.