Applying for the ACMPR Program

Any Canadian hoping to receive an official licence to grow medical marijuana probably knows a bit about the ACMPR program. ACMPR, or Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, is the only way for Candians to grow more that 4 plants from home for personal use. 

With an ACMPR license, instead of 4 plants you could be given an allowance of 400 plants. And each and every plant is legal and legit as long as you keep up to date with the ACMPR registration. It all sounds amazing, but there are a few things you should know before starting your ACMPR application. 

It All Starts With a Medical Prescription

Don’t even try to apply as an ACMPR grower without first receiving a medical marijuana prescription from a medical practitioner. This license is only granted to growers who have a legit prescription for medical marijuana, which can be prescribed by either a doctor or nurse practitioner. Finding a doctor to prescribe the amount you’re hoping for is the hardest part, but it’s definitely possible.

The prescription size correlated directly to the amount of plants you’ll be legally allowed to grow at one time. A low prescription amount means a small amount of plants, a high RX means hundreds of plants. The trick to receiving the hoped-for prescription amount is to partner with a service that has sets you up directly with an ACMPR doctor. 

Avoid going to a free clinic – chances are you won’t receive the amount you want, or receive a medical marijuana RX at all. Doctors that fully understand the ACMPR program are more likely to prescribe the amount that patient’s actually want, anywhere up to 95 grams per day. 

The reason for this is because these doctors know that some patients require high amounts of cannabis for treatment. And not every cannabis patient prefers to smoke. Some prefer to ingest their treatment through edibles or potent extracts, which requires a much higher plant count. 

Next, It’s All About the Paperwork

After the prescription is received, the hard work is done. But that doesn’t mean the work is done altogether. The actual application needs to be filled out next. This application is where you’ll let the government know that you want to become an ACMPR grower and all of the necessary details involved to get there. Details like full name, birth date, and address will be completed first. 

Then the forms will get into more detail about why you want to grow, where you plan on growing, and how you will do it. This is the section of the application that should be picked through with a fine tooth comb before sending to the government for review. 

It’s easy to make a simple mistake, and the government won’t just let that slide. In fact, even if it is a tiny typo, your application will be sent back to you in the mail and you’ll be required to start from scratch. Just take your time and check everything a few times through to avoid this from happening.