Final Banner Design

Even if the banners that you intend to use for advertising already underwent changes and corrections, you might still end up feeling unsatisfied with the final result. You don’t feel like it represents your company, or it has enough appeal to attract people’s attention. These are some things you could do if you are already in the final stages of banner design.

Talk to other employees

You might be dealing with your marketing team to finish this task successfully. You criticise each other, but the insights remain within the group. Perhaps, it’s time that you consider how other employees outside the marketing team feel. They might agree with you too, and they could even point out the issue with the design. Find loyal employees who have been with the company for a long time since they can offer an honest response.

Set up a poll

You can also try setting up a survey within the company to determine the level of satisfaction with the final design. Allow everyone to comment on the design by leaving a space for them to say a few words. You might realise that you’re not the only person who feels that way about the banner. However, if the general response is positive, you might have to accept it.

Be open to changes

Yes, everyone worked hard to finish the design of the rollerbanners. You also asked your team to keep changing tons of details. Since the result isn’t perfect yet, you need to be open to further changes until it feels right. You also need to move the launch date. If you have to inform your bosses about it, you need to do so immediately. Explain to them what’s going on and the reason why a delay is necessary.

You only have one chance

After printing the banners, set them up in key areas for everyone to see. Make sure there are no errors. If they’re already in areas where everyone gets to see all the details and there are mistakes or issues with the banners, it’s over. You could apologise for the mistakes, but you can’t take them back.

If the banner didn’t receive the same reaction as you expected, you have no choice but to keep using it. You can’t afford to spend a lot of money for banner printing again because the first one was a disaster. The upper management won’t allow it either since the company has other expenses to consider.

Try your best

You can’t expect every detail to be perfect, but you need to try your best at least to reach your goal. Determine why you’re printing banners and what you want people to know. Evaluate the responses of people passing by the banner and determine if they felt satisfied with it. You can use the information as you come up with a plan for the next marketing campaign.