In the last few years, there has been a major upswing in the wellness industry. Most paradigm shifts have been influenced by people craving for better and healthier lifestyle means. The need for more fitness, a higher degree of mindfulness, and more beauty have brought forth several products, supplements, and health fads. An important thing to note about the changing mindset of people is that less ageing, pain, and weight issues are in order. The health and wellness markets are now generating many programs and products for enhanced mental clarity, sexual and physical health, and so forth. In fact, the incidence of these products is to such a large extent that health watchers and consumers are finding it extremely difficult to keep track of the latest offerings.

Vitamin and other types of transdermal patches are among the most popular health products used by people in this scenario. Along with providing users with a mix of different nutrients and healthy supplements, patches are said to trigger off more effective lifestyle makeovers. Read on to know more about this important product for wellness and health.

Transdermal Patches – an Overview

Transdermal patches are helpful devices used for delivering the medication doses recommended by health experts. Minerals, vitamins, and other useful supplements can also be passed through the different layers of the skin into the bloodstream with the help of these patches. Medicinal transdermal patches were first approved by The Food and Drug Administration in the year 1979. Back in those times, the patches were used for combatting the concerns of motion sickness. In due course, several other types of skin patches have been introduced in the health markets globally. The most commonly used ones are birth control patches, smoking cessation patches, patches for handling the signs of dementia, etc. There are many other transdermal patches that have gained success after getting the nod from the FDA.

In the last couple of years, specialty stores and health outlets have been flooded with pricey “supplements” that promise comfort for people suffering from insomnia, acne, hangovers, poor focus, hangovers, premenstrual syndrome, weight gain, hypertension, stress, and so forth. These supplements are rubbing shoulders with the goodness of transdermal patches. While pills, powders, capsules, and other supplements are still being purchased, they are facing a lot of competition from dermal patches. Vitamin and mineral patches are bringing forth noninvasive “natural” quick-fixes for improving upon the health of users. The ease of using these patches have added to their popularity. You can get lasting and instant relief across the day or night by applying them once. For instance, if you’re seeking relief from menopausal woes then you may consider using the menopausal night relief patches to improve your mood swings, sleep disorders, and other related health issues.

The Right Way to Use Skin Patches

Skin patches are a smart and innovative means of providing continuous doses of medicines in the most non-invasive way. They are extremely easy to use and can be purchased online or at local health stores. If you’re planning to use transdermal patches for the very first time then it is important to understand how to apply them correctly. These skin patches are in the form of a thin pad and feature an adhesive back. They can be directly applied to the top layer of the skin, in a manner similar to plaster. In general, the patches comprise of a matrix of medicinal doses that keep on passing into the bloodstream via the layers of the skin. As the digestive tract has virtually no role to play in their performance, there is little cause of worry for any kind of side effects or adverse reactions.

How do Patches Work?

Transdermal patches are typically designed for offering non-fluctuating blood levels of specific medicines. It is believed that patches have certain benefits when compared to other types of doses that are likely to lose their effect across a given period of time. This is particularly true for the purposes of pain relief medicines. You may also come across certain types of patches that are designed for generating deliberately fluctuating blood levels when the medicine is delivered. According to health experts associated with, these patches are very useful for testosterone replacement and other types of wellness concerns. For instance, the skin patches marketed for the replacement of testosterone can mimic the natural production of testosterone in the body; the levels of natural testosterone tend to vary across the day in humans. By using these patches, the testosterone in the blood can maintain the desired level without causing any health problems.

Delivery of Medicines with Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are an effective alternative for the delivery of medicines into the bloodstream of patients. This process of delivering medicines is useful for patients who are unable to take their medicines through the mouth or are continuously sick. This useful alternative also comes in handy for people who are generally forgetful and may not take their medicines as advised. Those desirous of taking their medicines discreetly can also rely on the efficiency of skin patches for pushing the medicines into their bloodstream.

Tips for Using Transdermal Patches

  • If you are planning to apply the patch after a shower or bath then allow the body temperature to come back to normal before proceeding with the process.
  • When sold, these patches are secured in an airtight pouch. Open the pouch carefully and without any fear of tearing the pad or lining of the patch. You may want to use your fingers for this purpose as the sharp edges of a pair of scissors can damage the patch.
  • The adhesive on the underside of the pad and plastic backing can be pulled off to display the adhesive. Avoid touching the surface of the patch so that its effectiveness is not compromised.
  • The patch has to be firmly applied on its sticky side. You may want to use a non-hairy, dry and clean part of your skin to put the patch.
  • Follow the instructions specified on the transdermal patch to gain better benefits. For instance, avoid using the patch on any irritated spots or skin. Do not apply any cream, moisturizer or powder on your skin before putting the patch. These substances can disallow the patch from sticking to your skin properly.
  • Once you’ve stuck the patch on the skin, run your finger around the edges to ensure that it is secure and properly sealed. This will prevent any water or air from getting in. Once the fit is secure, you may forget about the patch and go about your daily routine. Bathe, swim, or shower without having any fear of the patch falling off. However, this does not apply to all types of transdermal patches. There are some patches that have to be treated differently. You may have to remove them before getting wet. So, read the written down instructions with care.

Way Forward with Transdermal Patches and Supplementation

There’s a lot of research being carried out in laboratories to determine the efficacy of medicinal patches. Independent testing, aggressive marketing strategies and other positive inputs related to the goodness of transdermal patches are increasing the visibility of these products. If you have been waiting to include these impactful skin patches in your life then the right time to go about the act is now. Ascertain your exact health and supplementation needs by consulting a health practitioner of your choice. Start using the skin patches as recommended and as per manufacturers’ instructions to get maximum benefits.