It’s no news that the Mediterranean is an amazing destination to go on holidays. However, you can feel stuck when deciding which place to visit. We’ve got the answer: Tunisia.

You may wonder what makes this country so special to stand out. All you have to do is to continue reading and you’ll find out.

Just imagine you wake up on a warm sunny day, open the hotel window and the first thing you see is a white-sand beach and the stunning light-blue sea in the background. You grab your swimsuit, have some delicious breakfast and head off to that paradise you’re lucky to have just a few steps from you. Whether you are in the need of spending some quality time with your family, you dream about sunbathing under a bright blue sky with your couple. Or, in case you are a surfing maniac, you’ll love being there immersed in a fun-packed holiday. While trips to Tunisia are usually pretty affordable, you can often score some serious last minute hotel deals to make a trip to this beautiful country even more feasible for you and the family.

It’s family time!

Tunisia has a wide range of choices when it comes to picking up accommodation. The best part of it is that you don’t have to worry if you’re quite a crowd: you can find different pricing options, too -and don’t forget to check Black Friday hotels to save some money. If you’re planning a family trip, you can stay at a hotel with an excellent hosting service. Many hotels offer special menus and packages, and children and teenagers clubs, so that the younger ones can take their pick.

What’s more, children -and even adults- go mad when they are told about all the activities they could do. Being at different pools or at amazing beaches, taking a ride on a boat or on a bike, visiting the animal park, any of these options will create memorable family moments. And another advantage is that you can either hire a tour guide or you can organize the trip yourself and consider a variety of options!

Traveling with your soulmate

If you’re, on the other hand, looking for a romantic adventure, don’t hesitate to book an elegant resort. As a tourist destination, Tunisia offers the most famous all-inclusive hotel chains, where you should worry just about one thing: trying every single dish and drink available!

Tunisia has more than ¾ of a mile (1,250 km) of coastline from which you can choose the beach that suits your trip best. You should consider factors such as the weather and wind direction, and the list may include some well-known beaches such as Mahdia Beach, Plage Omarit, Hammamet Beach, Sentido Djerba Beach or Isole Kerkennah. But there are other less known -and equally charming- destinations in Tunisia that are waiting for you. Some of them are Korbous and Cap Serrat, where you can go if you’re looking for some calm and intimateness, while you enjoy the Tunisian shore in good company.

What if you’re an adventure seeker?

No matter if you’d rather travel alone or with friends, maybe, your definition of an ideal trip is to get involved in as many activities as you can and keep moving non-stop. If that’s the case, guess what! This Mediterranean country has several options for you, too, because not everything is quiet there.

Let’s start with the obvious: considered to be one of the most famous deserts around the globe with its lovely golden sand dunes, the Sahara Desert is a must-see destination. But you can also choose to play some beach sport, go surfing or do some water aerobics, or, if you’re not that sporty, you can go to a theme park to defy gravity, or even to a paintball club. And of course, if you’re keen on art, you shouldn’t miss its museums, among which you can find the Guellala Museum, the Sousse Archaeological Museum and the Museum Dar Essid.

Enjoy night life as well

There are lots of activities you can try during the day! And if you’re a night owl, you should definitely visit some nightclubs to shake your body a little bit while you listen to some international DJs.

Since you have this adventurer spirit, you may want to stay at a simple but colorful place where you can meet new people and exchange life experiences, without spending loads of money. Tunisia makes it possible for you and, thanks to its dynamic atmosphere, you’ll have the most amazing time surrounded by people from all over the world!

Travelling is always a life-changing experience, no matter where we choose to go. But don’t you think Tunisia’s always a good idea? You name it, Tunisia has it. All you have to do is to decide which sort of holiday you’re looking for and start planning it. You know that this beloved country is always going to be there, but, if you’ve come so far reading, you’ve probably made your decision about where to travel. So, what are you waiting for?