It is no secret that the pandemic has significantly impacted employment. Some people have experienced layoffs from long-term career posts, initiating a search for a lateral move within the same job field. Others have seen their industries completely reimagined and far different than they may have ever anticipated before COVID-19. The economy is reshaping, the world is changing and the new look of employment is sparking curiosity about the type of work we see ourselves performing in this new normal.

No matter the reason behind your job search, creating a game plan is vital to your success. Looking for work means something different to everyone, which is why you must get in tune with what you truly want out of a career and the personal developments you can make to propel you to your next opportunity. Here are some tips on creating a job search framework that will work for you.

Keep an Open Mind 

The job market is changing. Some professionals have not worked from outside of their homes in well over a year. Large, multinational companies, such as Twitter and Salesforce, have issued press releases claiming that their employees need not return to the office until well into 2022. With the workforce’s shift to remote employment, your job search will benefit from you keeping an open mind. Consider how your career setting could impact whether you enjoy the work you do. For example, if you identify as an extrovert and struggle with Zoom fatigue, you may want to consider how remote work will impact your skills in a team setting. 

University of Phoenix can help you identify opportunities for you to thrive in the evolving economy. The University’s career services department works with students to explore the full range of professional opportunities available to them. These tools for success include resume feedback, interview preparation and networking insight. University of Phoenix offers comprehensive strategizing to encourage students to remain open minded about their professional options while giving those in the job search the tactics to manifest their goals. 

Identify Your Very Own “Board of Directors”

We all have that one friend or family member we tend to rely on more than others for feedback and guidance. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses during your job search is a guiding light for filling in any gaps. For some, this could mean asking a friend to proofread job applications for you. Others may benefit from asking former co-workers how to leverage a more comprehensive benefits package. No matter what you are looking to improve on during your job search, having a trusted community of people whose opinions you value and advice you respect can enhance your experience.

Organize Your Time, Space and Mind

Organization means something different to everyone. In a job search, you will want to go the extra mile, even when you already feel like there are not enough hours in the day, to do your best in a process that includes a lot of uncertainty. Make sure your time, space and mind are all organized. Commit to spending a set amount of time each day or week for your job search. The more specific you are with how you plan to spend that time, the more likely you will fulfill these tasks. 

Your workspace also has an impact on your mental well-being. Organizing your space, especially after a long day of staring at a computer screen, is an excellent way to get moving and declutter. Make sure you have all of the important papers related to your job search in a safe place. Keep your charging tools, pens, pencils and miscellaneous supplies available so you can remain as productive as possible. You will likely find that having less physical chaos around you will make you feel more calm and focused. 

Be sure to stay physically active during your job search. Whether it’s a 30-minute HIIT workout to release your stress or a brisk walk around the block, creating endorphins through exercise is a proven way to keep your serotonin levels (and your mood) high during an otherwise stressful time.