If you are looking to throw a birthday party at home, you will of course need to ensure that you have made the place look perfect. You will most certainly need drinks and snacks, not to mention a cake, but before we get to that, let’s talk birthday decorations. The key is in the preparation so the earlier that you can get these details, the lower cost and easier it will be. Let’s take a look at exactly what bits and pieces you should be looking to pick up. 

Birthday Balloons 

A party like this simply must have some birthday balloons to really set the mood. The beauty of balloons is that they can be placed anywhere around the home, and you can even just have some floating about throughout the evening. Additionally, you can attach balloons to cars or even on the front door of the home, to let everyone know what the day is. 

Special Day Sash

It is important to make the birthday girl/boy feel special on this day above all others, so giving them something to identify them as that special person is a great idea. A very simple purchase that you can make that will do just that is a glitzy birthday sash. These sashes work well no matter what outfit they are wearing, and will ensure that nobody forgets just whose special day it is. 

Banners For The Walls

No matter whether you are throwing a party at home or in a private venue, getting some banners up on the walls is going to really help to create the birthday theme. These can be personalized if you wish, to give a more bespoke decoration to the room. Personalizing the banners will cost a little extra, but there is also a wealth of banners with great messages that you can choose from. 

Photos of the Special Guest

A really lovely way to personalize any location for someone’s birthday is to print out some pictures of them throughout their life and stick them to the walls. If you think it will go down well, this is also a great chance to add some photos which they may find a little embarrassing – within reason of course. Not only does this add a more tailored look to proceedings, but it will also be enjoyable for those friends who may not have known the special guest since they were younger. 

Table Decorations 

And finally, it is always worth paying attention to the tables at the location and adding birthday-themed tablecloths. Additionally, think about what the guests will be eating and drinking out, this is another opportunity for you to continue that birthday theme. If you plan ahead you can pick up cups and plates in bulk, and they will also save you on any washing up! 

These are just some of the fundamental decorations and details which you will need when you throw a birthday party