Chin Augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure to alter for the better the appearance of the chin and it augmentation on the horizontally. But what does a Chin Augmentation Cost?

What Does a Chin Augmentation Costs?

A complete chin augmentation procedure typically costs between $3,000 and $6,000 and it is best to get a pre-treatment estimation of that cost prior to surgery as a chin augmentation or enhancement can vary greatly from patient to patient base don the extent of the work involved and the duration of the surgery.

The cost includes the cost of the operating room based on the amount of time it will be used. The cost of the Anaesthesiologist and cost of the Surgeon.

What Does Chin Augmentation Surgery Involve?

Chin Augmentation will usually be chin implant surgery, known as Mentoplasty, which augments the size and position of the chin. It is typically chosen by patients who want their chin to have more projection because they currently have underbite of the jaw.

Chin augmentation is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure and is typically completed between one and two hours using location aesthetic, general aesthetic or IV sedation.

During surgery an incision is made between the crease of the chin which will likely not be noticeable afterward. Another way of doing the surgery is through the mouth, intraoral, but this tends to result in higher infection rates, potential damage of the muscles which control lower lip movement, and migration of the implant.

A silastic implant if put into the surgical site and orientated to produce the desired chin augmentation. It is secured in place by inserting it under the line of the bone periosteum which is a dense layer of tissue attached to the bone. It is then secured with a dissolving stitch which allows for the periosteum to tighten over the implant over a six month period before it dissolves fully. Within a couple of months of the surgery the implant will be fully secure and difficult to dislodge, as if it is part of the natural bone structure.

Silastic implants are sculpted prior to surgery to suit the final appearance the patient requires. Silastic implants can also be removed surgically at a later date if a patient is unhappy with the result, and replaced if required with one of a different size or shape.

Men often want a squarer jaw line, and this is accomplished with a Terrino implant which has high rigidity so is better for squarer more masculine chin augmentation.

Recovery After Chin Augmentation Surgery

Recovery following chin implant surgery can take between one week and two weeks and swelling and bruising should be expected during that period and perhaps for a short while afterward. Patients would expect some slight pain and discomfort during recovery time and may find that smiling and talking could be difficult for the first few days following the surgery. Stitches are removed after the first week of recovery and up until then it is usually best to stay off work and refrain from exercise.