As we say goodbye to the long, warm, glorious days of summer, there is often the temptation to bid our fitness regimes au revoir too.  Darker evenings and a nip in the air can lead to nipping exercise in the bud – but that needn’t be the case.  

In this article, you’ll find some great ideas for fitness training in the winter and, if that’s not enough, we’re sharing some great ways to get your fave brands at a more affordable rate too, with Nike discount codes for Nike, Adidas, FootAction and more – all to help you get into gear during the colder months.

On the run

Jogging and running are perfectly suited to cooler weather and, better yet, they won’t cost you a penny.  When running in cold weather, make sure that you dress in warm layers to retain body heat when first warming up and starting your run.  

Proper footwear is absolutely essential for runners and Nike discount codes will help stretch your budget that little bit further when investing in a good pair of running shoes.  

Running is a great way of getting that sluggish winter blood circulating and can really help to keep the blues at bay. When first starting out, get yourself through your first run by promising yourself a reward such as a warm bath or a hot chocolate once you get back home.

On your bike

Cycling is a great, all weather activity and can be enjoyed alone or as a family.  As with any kind of exercise, make sure that you warm up properly before getting on your bike and always wear protective clothing, including a helmet.  

While cycling offers a great winter workout, you need to bear in mind the fact that roads and cycle paths may become icy during inclement weather so, be sure to take extra care when out and about on your bike this winter.

Team spirit

Whatever the weather, there are some team sports which are available throughout the year.  Check out notice boards in your local supermarket or social media groups for local football, netball and hockey teams which may be welcoming new members.

Staying in is the new going out

If you really can’t face braving the great outdoors during the winter, there are plenty of winter fitness training options that can be done indoors.  Some of these include: 

It’s life, gym

The gym offers a safe space for those looking for some indoor exercise this winter.  As well as access to equipment, most gyms employ staff who will be able to advise you on the best workout for your goals and fitness level.  

Shop around to find the best gym at the best price – and don’t be afraid to ask for special offers and discounts as many gyms are open to negotiation.

Watch more TV

Few of us will be able to forget Joe Wicks’ PE on TV during the pandemic, and he’s far from alone.  There are lots of great workouts available both on TV and online to help you stay active this winter.  

Find the one that suits you and then put aside a set time every day to exercise – when it comes to fitness, making it part of your routine really is half the battle.

Step to it

If you’re looking to break your witness fitness slump without breaking the bank, there’s no need to shell out on expensive home exercise equipment.   If you live in a house, your staircase can provide a great workout absolutely free of charge.  Depending on your level of fitness, start by walking up and down the stairs a few times every couple of hours.  

You can progress to speeding things up and, even performing some more complex exercises such as lunges, crab walks and stair hops.  This easy and affordable workout is particularly useful for those who are working from home and may not have the opportunity to get outside during the day. 

Testing the waters

You may have heard about the new UK trend for cold water swimming which, apparently, offers tons of health benefits for the brave.  If the idea of plunging into the nearest river or ocean makes you shiver, check out your local leisure centres for affordable indoor pools.  Swimming provides a great, all round workout and, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool nearby, you can fit a refreshing, health-boosting few laps into your lunch break.

Dancing up a storm

Dancing is not only great fun but can also boost our physical and mental health.  You may not be quite ready to join the team on Strictly but you can still move to your own beat by trying an online tutorial.  For a more social workout, do a little research to find dance classes in your area as dancing with others will help you to stay motivated – and you may even make some great new friends too. 


As the nights draw in, it can be difficult to resist the draw of the duvet – but resist, you must.  A lack of sunlight and a curtailed social life are both part and parcel of the winter blues and, staying active is essential for boosting our wellbeing.  

Whether you decide to exercise outside or indoors, always make sure that you perform a proper warm up to avoid injury and, if going outside, choose routes which are well lit and safe.