Now that it’s the middle of summer, some of us want to give our skin much-needed vitamin D and flaunt our skin as an added bonus. 

Going hair-free can be an exercise in frustration (and pain). However, it doesn’t have to remain this way.

There are many different options for removing unwanted body hair with minimal pain and messiness. Read on to find out the best hair removal method for you from our five main options.

1. Best Hair Removal Method 101: Shaving

Let’s start with one of the most popular methods of hair removal, and that would be shaving your unwanted hair off. 

The reason why shaving is so popular is because of the absence of pain. If you shave correctly, there will be zero pain involved in the process.

In addition, it’s one of the most affordable methods of hair removal. All you need to have on hand is a good quality razor and shaving gel or cream.

If you want to take a fancier, you can use an electric saver. These shavers don’t need water or shaving cream to get going, so it’s faster and more convenient to use. 

However, as with all convenient things, there will be a couple of drawbacks.

The way shaving works is by removing the bits of the hair shaft that are at the top of your skin. This leaves the remainder of the hair follicle beneath your skin and ready to keep in growing. 

Unfortunately, this leads to the hair growing back faster. And since your hair follicle got cut in the middle, the hair growing back will look a bit thicker and darker.

2. Hair Removal Creams to the Rescue

If shaving isn’t your cup of tea, there’s another way to painlessly remove your unwanted hair, and that would be using hair removal creams. 

Hair removal creams work by using chemicals to loosen the hair from the root, without tugging or pulling the hair follicle out of your skin. 

You can use these creams by applying them on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Then, you wipe it off using a cotton pad that’s soaked in water. 

Unfortunately, the issue with these creams is that they can be a bit too strong to use for people with sensitive skin. There’s a multitude of different types of cream on the market, and some of them are created for sensitive skin. 

Yet, it’s crucial to do a patch test before you fully use a hair removal cream. It’ll let you know if you’re having a bad reaction to this cream or not, and save you the hassle of dealing with a full-fledged allergic reaction.

3. Waxing Your Hair Off

Now, we’re starting to leave the realm of completely pain-free hair removal. But, when it comes to waxing, it’s one of the most effective methods of hair removal, even though it comes with a bit of pain attached.

Generally, the waxing process starts with heating wax to a melted state. Then, you can apply that wax on the area you want using a spatula. 

After giving the wax a bit of time to harden, you can place a wax strip on the area, hold your skin so that it’s taut, then pull off the wax strip in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

This will remove the hair completely from the root, giving you baby-smooth skin. It’s great for the big areas of your body. Yet, it can be a bit too painful for people with sensitive skin in areas that are delicate, like the underarms or the bikini line. 

Waxing comes with great perks, like the beautifully smooth results, and the delay in hair growth. After all, you just yanked the hair out from the root, so it’ll take longer to grow back to the surface. 

In addition, waxing will also remove dead skin cells that accumulate on top of your skin, so you’ll get a brightening and exfoliation effect. 

As for the disadvantages, as we’ve stated before, waxing can be a bit painful. Moreover, if you want to keep waxing, you’ll have to wait for your hair to fully grow back before waxing again. 

Therefore, you’ll have to weather some hairy days before you can wax your hair off again. You can also learn more about waxing and sugaring in this hair removal guide.

4. Epilating the Hair Away

Epilating is a hair removal process that uses an epilator to remove excess hair right from the roots. It’s rather similar to waxing in terms of results. However, that’s where the similarities stop.

Waxing can be a bit messy, but epilators are rather easy to use and clean. On the other hand, epilators can be a bit more painful to use, as it pulls hair right from the root and it doesn’t remove a huge chunk of them at a time, like waxing. 

However, they’re pocket-sized, easy to use, and you won’t have to keep on buying wax packets to use them.

5. Laser Hair Removal for the Win

If you’re just sick of how thick your body hair is, you can laser it away.

Laser hair removal work on reducing your body hair growth by using a laser machine that can penetrate your skin and burn the hair follicle. This will cause your hair to grow back much slower, as well as lighter and thinner in nature. 

Yet, it’s essential to keep in mind that this method of hair removal is much costlier and time-consuming than the other methods we’ve previously mentioned. You’ll have to go to a skin specialist that’s licensed to use the hair removal lasers and machines. 

They’ll conduct an assessment of your skin and ensure that your skin can handle it with no issues. The great thing about laser hair reduction is that it’s a very safe procedure, and you personally don’t have to do anything but show up to your sessions. 

There might be a bit of pain, but it’s more on the range of a pin’s prick than anything else. Some people find waxing to be more painful than laser hair reduction treatments. 

Skin Care Is Essential for Your Health

Taking care of your skin, whether tackling acne or a skin condition or even doing cosmetic changes are all a part of your physical and mental health. 

If you want to showcase your body hair to the world, go for it. If you want to go body hair-free, more power to you. 

Now, after going through our list, you probably know the best hair removal method for your skin. Yet, there is still so much more to learn about your skin and health. 

Make sure to check out our health and wellness section for more tips and tricks on how to better your health from the inside out.