Seattle’s restaurant scene is among the best in the world. Local chefs have access to a bounty of fresh resources, making for a seemingly unlimited diversity of cuisine options. Legalization ensures gourmet marijuana options are widely available in the city.

With such strengths, it might seem uninspired to visit a chain restaurant while in Seattle. Yet sometimes going with the familiar is the most delicious option.

These are 5 delicious chain restaurants worth visiting in Seattle, so let’s check out where to eat in Seattle below.

The Walrus And The Carpenter

Do you love oysters? This place is for you! The Walrus and The Carpenter opened in 2010, and they serve a variety of oysters to choose from!

They also serve fish and meat on their menu, like their Steak Tartare and Scallop Crudo. They are open every day from 4 pm to 10 pm, and they also have a happy hour from Mondays to Thursdays, from 4 pm to 5 pm.


Archipelago is a restaurant in Seattle that offers a ten-course tasting menu. The owners of this restaurant decided to incorporate their ancestry and culture into the food. That is why they serve Filipino-inspired cuisine with a Northwestern touch.

The price is costly, but many have said their dining experience in the Archipelago has been great. They have a website where you can place your reservations and answer common customer questions.

Local Tide

Local Tide is one of the best places to eat in Seattle. It’s a restaurant in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood that serves seafood, sandwiches, and salads. If you’re a fan of seafood and sandwiches, this is for you!

One of their popular dishes is the fried fish sandwich, which costs $14, and they also serve salmon sandwiches, which you can get for $16. You can never name more eateries that serve sandwiches with seafood, so this is a must-try!

Sushi Kashiba

Seattle’s “Sushi Kashiba, which is close to Pike Place Market, serves the finest sushi that Seattle’s “Sushi Sensei” is known for. Seattle is known for serving the best seafood, so you might not want to miss this place.

They open at 5 pm, and customers tend to line up at the door before the opening, so you better go there early if you want to have your seat. The food is great, and the chef is very welcoming, so that’s a great plus!


Meesha is one of the best Seattle restaurants that offer Diwali Feast and Indian cuisine in a modern space. It is located in Fremont, Seattle.

The Goan Prawns, which cost $21, and the Burrata Salad, which costs $18, are two of their most popular dishes. The restaurant offers a good ambiance and nice decor and they also offer vegan food choices.

Are Pets Allowed?

There are so many places to eat in Seattle. However, not all restaurants are pet-friendly. But don’t worry! You can still have the best Seattle food without leaving your furry baby alone! Seattle also offers local dog friendly restaurants where you can dine in and enjoy your meals with your favorite pet.

Have You Made the Choice of Where to Eat in Seattle?

Have you chosen where to eat in Seattle? Eating in Seattle has been fun and memorable for most people since they have been known for serving great authentic food, with a wide variety to choose from.

Although some restaurants are more pricey than others, you can be sure that they offer high-quality food and a great dining experience. Enjoy your food escapades in Seattle!

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