Keeping a building’s plumbing structure in good shape is more than just a great idea. It’s a necessity. Think about it. What kind of state would your home or business be in without an effective and functional plumbing system? The answer is that it could create an uncomfortable and unsafe environment, even rendering a building uninhabitable.

The basic function of a secure plumbing system provides several essential things for a building. First and foremost, plumbing is your building’s lifeline of sorts. It carries water into and out of the structure. It helps maintain various heating structures, including furnaces. When plumbing is in good shape, it helps keep the people living or working in the building healthy.

So, how do you know the right plumber to choose? There are some general guidelines to follow when looking for a reputable plumber. Using the following tips should help you narrow down your search.

  • Check and make sure the plumber has the proper licensing and insurance.
  • Talk to trusted family members and friends about who they use for plumbing services.
  • Search online for ratings and reviews about that particular plumbing company.
  • Make sure the company has been around for a while. Newer companies can provide great plumbing services, too. However, a well-established company probably has a better track record.
  • Ask if the plumbing company provides estimates for the work. That allows you to compare prices and scope of work for different plumbers.

Depending on what type of plumbing repairs and services you need will help determine who you choose. However, there is a shorter way to conduct a search, too. Here is a list of some of the most comprehensive and professional plumbing companies in the area.

Hagen VVS AS

This Oslo-based company has been around since 2004 and prides itself on providing dedicated plumbing services for area residents. Hagen VVS AS plumbers have master certificates and hold themselves to the highest standard of industry knowledge. The company readily provides references upon a potential customer’s request. This company also does it all. Hagen VVS AS has expertise in new installations, renovations, water purification, and modernized updates. More information is available here.

Rorjouren Svenska AB

Rorjouren Svenska has been around for a while because their plumbing services are well known throughout Stockholm. Always considerate of the environment, this company makes a point of being involved in research to come up with sustainable plumbing solutions. In addition to offering comprehensive plumbing services, the company also provides earthworks and snow/ice removal services. 

If you’re looking for a reputable and environmentally-conscious plumbing company in the Stockholm area, you may want to check out Rorjouren.

VVS Copenhagen

VVS Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s most professional plumbing services. One of the perks of hiring the company is due to its transparent practices. Before you choose a plumber, VVS Copenhagen provides customers with a no-obligation quote. They fully assess the plumbing needs and make sure that you know what you’re getting into. That’s a good sign that it’s a solid company.

Competitively priced, this company also has a 24-hour emergency service available. Plumbing repairs and installations, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, there isn’t much this company cannot do. However, that might be the exact type of plumber you should be looking to hire.


Plumbingforce is one of the UK’s most popular plumbing companies because they are known for coming out on the same day when customers call about plumbing emergencies. In addition to plumbing services, the company also specializes in boiler and gas heating services. 

Plumbing emergencies and needs don’t have schedules. So, if a plumbing emergency happens in the middle of the night, Plumbingforce is one of the places you can call and actually get the help you need.

Following these suggestions and tips, deciding on the right plumber should be a much easier decision to make. Everyone needs a good plumber. This should help make sure you find the right one for your building.