As you stare down your future, you may feel overwhelmed by the options available to you. You can pursue an apprenticeship, go to technical schools, go right into the workforce or go to college. You have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option and choose where you will invest your time and money. These are some reasons you should consider attending college.

Some Fields Require a Degree

Some fields actually require a college education. For example, you cannot practice law, financial planning, lab work, architecture, engineering or medicine without advanced degrees. However, the college also needs accreditation for these fields. Therefore, research a specific college’s accreditation, e.g., Grand Canyon University accreditation, before you choose your college.

You Can Build Deep Relationships

When you attend college, you remain in close contact with peers who have similar interests. If you stay on campus, you likely have one or more roommates who can become lifelong friends. These individuals have the same or similar goals as you do. This is a great time to start networking and building relationships.

Greater Employment Opportunities

If you have searched for a job in the last few decades, you probably saw numerous advertisements with “college degree required” in the text. Many employers search for candidates with college degrees. Your education gives you broad knowledge through your general education courses and specialized knowledge through your field or degree-specific courses.

You also learn how to get along with others, communicate effectively and solve problems. However, find institutions with good reviews and reputations. For example, you may search “Grand Canyon University reputation.”

You Can Earn a Larger Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that, on average, those with college degrees actually do earn higher incomes than those without. In fact, college-educated individuals had lower unemployment rates and a bachelor’s degree gave many nearly double the income their high school graduate peers earned.

Although completing a degree program has a high cost, attending college has many advantages. Consider these as you make your decision.