Many adults drink from time to time, and unfortunately, many people get behind the wheel when they’re intoxicated. There are some people however that don’t have a true reason to be convicted with a DUI or DWI and are still charged one, because police officers can be overly strict. If you’re one of these unfortunate people, we’re going to give some tips on finding a DUI lawyer to help you in your case. You may be surprised at how easy it will be if you find the right DUI lawyer to get you out of trouble or at least lower your sentence.

Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

Having a criminal defense attorney that specializes in DUI defense (i.e. Ben Powers) can greatly help you because you can face multiple sentences, including jail time, or even have your driver’s license revoked. On top of this, you might have to pay extremely expensive restitutions, and you don’t want that, including the hardship and possible public ridicule you may face. DUI attorneys know a lot about DUI laws that are local to the area you’re in, and they also specialize in traffic law, as well as ignition interlocks, and more. DUI lawyers are also very knowledgeable in how to defend their clients, and even making sure their voices are heard in your defense.

What Can a DUI Attorney Do?

Of course, we mentioned some of the skills that a DUI lawyer has above, but what’s important is what they can bring to the table for you. By using a DUI lawyer, you need to know that they have expert knowledge in the legal system, as well as have a lot of successful cases that they have won which are related to yours. You’ll want to look at the fact that at DUI lawyer can actually help you avoid time in jail, or at least reduce the amount of time you have to face, they can keep your driver’s license from being suspended, and they can even reduce your DUI charge to an offense or avoid a trial altogether with a plea bargain, which can result in the first-mentioned items (do your time, and your charges are dropped, etc.).

What to Ask a DUI Lawyer

When you’re looking for the right DUI lawyer, don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions. Your attorney should be able to answer any questions you ask, and you’ll want to ask them specifically how much of their defense cases have been DUI cases. If you think that your DUI case will be a challenge, ask them how much of the case they’ll be able to deal with, and even ask for the number of DUI cases they’ve successfully won. Don’t hesitate to ask about interlock device experience because many DUI lawyers should know how these work, and how they can recommend this to their advantage in your case.


Of course, money is always an issue, and you want to know what your lawyer is going to charge as well as how they’re going to calculate and deduct all of their fees. Some lawyers actually directly don’t request payment unless they win your case, while others may have other stipulations. In any case, you’ll want a lawyer like Ben Powers, a true professional in his field who specialize in handling special DUI cases.8

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