While the majority of users of CBD products enjoy their effects some are not prepared for them. Not just that they are not prepared for them, but can experience some effects that hinder then from continuing use of CBD products. Some of the most common negative side effects can either be avoided or helped so that users can still enjoy the benefits of using CBD oil tinctures. 

The Effects of CBD Are Generally Safe

While the most common effects for CBD are those that help alleviate pains and symptoms increasing other awesome benefits; there are some who experience some negative side effects from the usage of CBD products. It is important to note that CBD has been proven to be safe for everyone; this includes even younger users and elderly. Usually users have no side effects if nothing that helps with their reason for using the product. CBD is a non-toxic natural chemical found in hemp.  There are doses as high as 4,000 mg in some CBD oil tincture, which is the most common highest dose that many offer. 

While CBD oil is safe itself, that does not speak for all companies distributing products according to the NanocraftCBD Blog. It also does not include all products which may have bad quality and can cause users to have negative side effects. Pure CBD oil is what should be looked for on any product you plan on purchasing. Pure CBD oil is extracted using high quality methods and hemp that is cultivated in rich soils. These methods of quality help make sure the CBD oil that is extracted are more effective and not as likely to cause side effects users will be disappointed in. 

Although even higher qualities may have some side effects that users do not like either, however these side effects are not common they are not unheard of.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is often referred to as cotton mouth and is a side effect of many cannibinoids CBD and THC. Dry mouth is more commonly seen to be linked with anandamide which is an endocannabinoid. Studies have found that some saliva glands in the mouth have cannabinoid receptors and the Anandamide binds to these and can decrease production of saliva.  This happens because the receptors block signals from the nervous system that tell the body to produce saliva similar to the process that tells to body not to feel pain.

Lower Blood Pressure

CBD has been known to lower blood pressure and those who are at risk for heart disease and diabetes which is why some use the products. Although helpful to this group of individuals who use CBD for those reasons it can be a minor issue for those with lower blood pressures or normal. The effects of lower blood pressure from CBD can have symptoms such as light headedness and dizziness. This usually does not last very long as most have found ways to help by drinking something with higher amounts of caffeine.


Despite the somewhat negative side effects, as you can see, they’re nothing compared to the amazing benefits that you can get from using CBD oil tinctures and other CBD products.

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