Krakow is a very charming and flamboyant city. The vibrant energy and a lust for life of its people is what attracts so many tourists to it! It’s very youthful and the traditional Slavic hospitality will make you feel more than welcome! The streets of Krakow will win you over with many performers, cozy cafes and overall joyous people.

Krakow has amazing and magical landmarks, a tragic history, unusual sites and probably the best night scene in Eastern Europe. Party crews from all around the world come to this charming town. They are in search of thrilling nights – from hen dos and fantastic bachelor parties to young students. Everyone wants to be a part of the fun! These are the must do things to see and do in the wonderful city of Krakow!

Discover Beautiful Landmarks

It has been said many times that Krakow is like an inexpensive Prague. By saying this we don’t want to take away the charm and magic that Krakow possesses on its own but just as a matter of reference. It is a beautiful city with a tragic history, but luckily, Polish people have risen from the ashes and the energy of the town has become simply splendid.

Krakow has many beautiful and historical landmarks and one of those are landmarks are all situated in the Main Square also known as Rynek Glowny. This enormous square dates back to the 13th century. It is located in the city center and is the most urban part of the town. Here you will find a lot of restaurants, shops, outdoor cafes, horses with carriages and a crazy amount of pigeons!

Main Square

In the center of the Main Square lies the famous Cloth Hall. Dating from the renaissance period this is the most recognizable building in the Main Square. It used to be a major center of international trade. Textile from the east and all over the world were imported and traded – thus the name. Over time it became the place for guesting distinguished visitors monarch and politicians. On the upper side of the Cloth Hall is today a museum which exhibits thousands of 19th-century Polish paintings and sculptures.  

Just across the Cloth Hall stands in all its beauty St. Mary’s Basilica. It was built in the 14th century in a gothic architectural style. It’s characterized by wonderful red bricks. This wonderful church is very unique and it’s most famous for its wooden altarpiece carved by Veit Stoss. Every hour there is a trumpet signal, a.k.a the Hejnał mariacki, which is played from the top of the tower. This is a commemoration to a famous 13th-century trumpet player who was shot while trying to sound the alarm before the Mongolians attacked the city.

Unusual Sites

Apart from having beautiful squares and streets, Krakow is full of surprises when it comes to unusual things you can see and do here. While you’re at the Main Square don’t forget to check out a gigantic statue of a head just beneath the Tower of the Town Hall.

Krakow is probably the only town in the world that has a museum dedicated to nonother the pinball! This is a great place where you can have a lot of fun because all the pinball machines are for use. This museum has a great collection of old and new pinball machines that you can play. You can purchase an all-day ticket and come and go as you like!

Immerse Yourself in Unusual Activities  

Florianska Street will surely make your blood flow. If you’re up for some adrenaline there is a place here called the Lost Souls Alley. This is the most top recommended horror house in Krakow. The concept is similar to those of escape rooms, but with a little bizarre twist. You will be chased by ‘murdering psychos’, ghosts, and everything from your worst nightmares. The Lost Souls Alley is inspired by horror movies and it is recommended to book your daredevil experience in advance.

If you watch the acclaimed Oscar-winning movie Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg, don’t forget to visit the actual Schindler’s Factory. It is devoted to the subject of Nazi occupation of Poland and the terrible fate of the Jews who lived here. There is a great exhibition of carefully reconstructed apartments and streets of WWII era which will instantly take you back in time.

The Jewish District a.k.a Kazimierz district is one of a kind. It’s filled with synagogues, antique bookshops, cozy cafes which were left untouched despite the WWII. Which makes it all the more authentic. Here you can try zapiekanka which is a local specialty.

Discover the Fantastic Nightlife

Krakow is a very youthful town gathering around many culturally diverse people in the name of fun. We talked about the great architecture, some unusual things you can do and see now it’s time to talk about what you can do during the long and thrilling nights in Krakow. There are many bars, night clubs, vodka, and snack bars, featuring everything from pop music, jazz, Latino, techno and live music.

The booze is super cheap and every bar is next to one another in the Old Town. Floriańska or Szewska Street will not disappoint you.

For starters, there are loads of Vodka bars where you can try authentic Polish vodka which is usually flavored with cranberry, vanilla, pear and many more. So even if you’re not a particular fan of vodka you will certainly come to love it with all of these flavors. You can try them in Wodka Cafe bar situated in the Old Town. Zakąski i wódka is probably the cheapest place you can drink and eat – everything is 1 euro!

As for night clubs, Prozak 2.0 is great for all the people who enjoy electronic music. There are also Frantic, Lokal Krakow, Shakers…

The party usually starts around 10 pm, but people wait until midnight to actually show up and lasts until around 5 am. The perfect time for all the night owls waiting to spread their wings at night!

Final Words

Krakow is a wonderful city bursting with vibrant energy. Once a town of tragic history, today it’s moving forward with youth backing it up. This Eastern European gem is absolutely worth exploring – the rich history, fun sites and great nights make a full package. Don’t forget about the Slavic hospitable nature. When you get to Krakow you will feel like you got back home!

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